Hero of Vegas - App of the Day

Today's app  the day is Hero of Vegas.

I have always been skeptical about the Vegas slot style games on the Play Store. I could never quite get my head around the appeal - after all there's no chance to win real money, but plenty of opportunity to throw it away into virtual currencies. That aside, I decided to put my skepticism to the side and recently gave the Android game - Hero of Vegas - a spin.

After only a few minutes with the app, I could see why people get hooked! The presentation, the bright lights, the 'gamified' nature of leveling up, and most all  - the sound - really made me want to have one more spin. I found there is something surprisingly satisfying about the sound of the wheel spinning and the various rows locking into place (even if it has been years since anything mechanical was happening behind those LCD screens!)

So will I keep playing? Well I'm not sure. If I wanted the thrill of gambling, there are plenty of better ways to spend my money online. But, for some mindless entertainment on the train or bus, there are definitely worse apps out there! The presentation is really fantastic, somehow managing to capture part of the 'essence' of Vegas in app form, and there is heaps of variety! It seems ridiculous, but this one app has over 380 different machines, each with their only little quirks!

On top of this there are tournaments, gifts, leader-boards, and heaps of other cool little features to make the gaming experience more competitive. I guess with the primary game-play mechanic being so simple (press Spin) - it's good to see the developer trying their best to keep things interesting!

All in all, this is an app worth checking out! Again, there are plenty of better ways out there to get your gambling or betting 'fix' but this is still mindless, harmless fun - so long as you don't start putting too much real money into it -  Download with caution!


In the words of the developer:

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This product is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only.

Review: Coral Casino

Today I’m having a look at the Coral Casino gaming website. This is another excellent casino gaming resource that can be accessed via a laptop, tablet or mobile and it certainly made for a good evening’s entertainment. With plenty of fun gameplay options and some colourful graphics, it kept me coming back for more - and that wasn’t because of the daily cashdrops either!

Playing casino games might seem a little retro, but the team at Coral have done a great job on updating many traditional games like roulette, poker and blackjack with a new twist for the 21st century.

In particular, the simple game of roulette has been made a lot more fun thanks to Coral’s Live Roulette that brings live deals and real-time gameplay to your living room. It can be a pretty surreal experience to have a real-life croupier instructing you through the gameplay as you’re sat at home, but the £500 in cash on offer definitely added a further touch of realism!

However, everyone knows that it’s slots gaming that’s probably the biggest reason as to why everyone’s getting in on the online casino craze. And thankfully the Coral review of slots games on their site provides a great overview of how the game has been reinvented for mobile devices.

There’s pretty much something for everyone here with slots games that can take you to the races or even see you gaming alongside some of the stars from the TV screen. And the auto-play feature and the multiplier options definitely added further levels of convenience and profitability!

It’s features like these that made the gaming site so much easier to enjoy than many other data-heavy games that have often brought my mobile to a grinding halt. With even the games of video poker managing to provide some simple and effective smartphone entertainment despite the variety of strategies and playing styles on offer, it’s a testament to the skill of the developers that they’ve managed to cram in so much without the site feeling overcrowded or hard to navigate.

And I’d say that it’s the ever-present sense of fun that permeates the Coral site that really gives it the edge on its competitors. With colourful visuals, a massive variety of online slots options and some spectacular promotions that have even taken people on trips to Monte Carlo, it’s clear that Coral are onto a winner with their online casino games!

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