Monday, June 30, 2014

Turtle Pizza Jump (Free)

Today's app of the day is Turtle Pizza Jump (Free).

Now I have played plenty of strange and surreal games on my Android device, but Turtle Pizza Jump is my newest contender for the strangest game available on Google Play! Now that is saying a lot, particularly having regard to a store full of angry birds, crazy pigs, subway surfers, and many more strange and bizarre gaming combinations!

So how is Turtle Pizza Jump so bizarre? Well, catch this - it is about a turtle (think a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) who jumps from hovering pizza's to pizza, eating slices along the way, whilst in the background are some of the most bizarre images to ever surface from the dark depths of the web - such as cat's poking their heads through slices of pizza or super close ups of pugs eating pizza.

Bizzare? Absolutely. But is it any good to actually play? Surprisingly - the answer is yes! The gameplay sees you take control of your warrior turtle , jumping from rotating pizza slice to slice. As you land on a pizza yoyr turtle will cling to the outside of it as it spins in a circle. The object is then to press the jump button (single tap) at just the right time to fly through the most slices of pizza on your way to the next wheel. 

The single jump feature in this game is similar to that of other rotating jumpers (yes, I just invented a term for a whole new style of gameplay), but Turtle Pizza Jump is made unique by the ability to jump backwards in the direction you came from, and to double jump. This really frees up the gameplay! The object is to get a high score, achieved quite simply by eating the most pizza!

All in all, this is a really great android app. It looks bizarre (but great), has excellent sounds, is responsive and is a real joy for gamers of all ages. Check it out!

In the words of the developer:

Jump your warrior turtle to a full belly of pizza and soda blissful happiness. This game is made to entertain smaller children and adults alike. Includes funny backgrounds of different animals enjoying pizza, as well as funny pizzas made to look like other characters. Along with those images come funny game sounds as well.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

3 Advantages to the Party Poker Bonus Code

Party Poker has remained one of the world's top online poker sites for multiple reasons. First off, they run some of the industry's biggest tournaments on a weekly basis. Party also features a generous loyalty program and lots of satellites that lead to major World Poker Tour events. But do you want to know what we like best about this site? The big bonus that you can get from the Party Poker bonus code! That said, here are three things to love about using the bonus code.

1. You can get $25 Free

Want to start off with $25 in cash right away - no strings attached? Then just use the "SCORE25" bonus code and deposit at least $50 when signing up at Party Poker. Doing so will put $25 into your account that's available for play in cash games and tournaments. This means that you can try the real money poker tables immediately with FREE money. Furthermore, you're basically getting a larger bankroll just for filling out an account, depositing and using the SCORE25 code.

2. You can get up to $500 Free

Those wanting to get more out of their Party Poker bonus can do so by using the "PKR500" code and depositing a minimum of $25. This makes players eligible for a 100% match bonus worth up to $500. So if you deposited $250 under this deal, you'd be playing for $250 in free cash. Of course, those who really want to maximize their chances of earning some major money should deposit $500. This is especially the case if you're a serious player who's on the internet poker tables a lot.

3. The Bonus isn't Hard to earn

In comparison to other online poker bonuses that you see around the industry, Party Poker's isn't too terribly difficult to unlock. You earn the 100% match bonus by collecting points through real money cash games and tournaments. If you're able to earn 8 points, you will receive $1 of the bonus. Keep in mind that you'll be getting 2 points for every $1 that you contribute in cash game or tournament rake. To illustrate how this process would go, let's say that you deposit $100. Earning the full bonus would require 800 points (100 x 8), or $400 in total rake generated [(100 x 8) / 2].

As you can see, there are two excellent bonus offers for Party Poker players. And all you need to do to take advantage of either of them is create an account, use the appropriate code, and possibly deposit.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tap the Ballz

Today's app of the day is Tap the Ballz.

The android platform is home to 1000s of great games, with many of the most popular mobile games such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja sitting near the top of the play store rankings. These are the tried and tests mobile gaming classics. Every now and then though, a new game comes along with a fresh twist on mobile gaming, giving players something unique to try - when they get it right you know that there will be countless imitators. Tap the Ballz is one such game - a brilliant, fresh new Android game that I can not recommend enough.

As with all great mobile games, the rules are simple. In short, you have to touch the balls. You so not dot touch the stones. With this simple very simple mechanic in mind, you can explore three different game modes of bright and cornflour addictiveness. The Classic mode is a good place to get started, where you will race the clock to get personal best timings on tapping 25 or 50 balls. This is how I started and after one or two attempts, I was hooked. From there you can move onto Zen Mode (touch as many balls within a specified time limit), and Arcade mode (touch as many balls as possible before running out of lives).

All three game modes work on the same simple formula of touching balls, not stones. This may sound like a pretty ridiculous concept, but the execution is perfect with a simple menu system, great graphics, but most importantly, fantastic gameplay. I am the type of person who doesn't mind competing against my own personal bests but with on line leader boards and  social network connectivity, it is easy to try and be the best amongst your friends.

What Tap the Ballz does best is to keep things simple. That's what users want on their mobile device, and the developer (Tip Top Games) has delivered in spades. Check out Tab the Ballz today - you will not be disappointed!

In the words of the developer:

The beautiful and addictive casual hit game Tap the Ballz is now available on Android phones and tablets! Best of all: it's 100 percent free!
The task is simple: Tap the Ballz and dont't tap the Stones!
Test your skills in 3 game modes: Classic, Arcade and Zen:
* Classic: How long does it take you to touch 25 balls or 50 balls? Find it out in this addictive mode. 
* Zen: Fight the clock and touch as many ballz as possible in 15 or 30 seconds.
* Arcade: Try to touch as many ballz as possible before running out of lives. Can you tap 100 Balls?
All game modes have one thing in common: Don't tap the Stones! Each tapped Stone gets you penalized!
Get competitive! Post your highscores on the Leaderboards or share them on Facebook and compare your skills against your friends and players worldwide!
* Addictive, challenging gameplay!
* Get competitive with Leaderboards and Facebook!
* Various game modes: from casual to pro! 100 hours of fun!
* Simple mechanics: Tap the Ballz and dont't tap the Stones!
* 100 percent free!