Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Duck Tile Tap

Today's app of the day is Duck Tile Tap.

Mobile application stores are funny places - with the trends and swings in popular games constantly changing. Whether it be Angry Bird style physics games, 2048 style number puzzle games, flappy bird clones, or black and white tile based games. Once one becomes popular, it is only a matter of time that countless replicas and spin-offs enter the market. Of these, it is inevitable that some are just no good. On the mother hand, some take the core concept of previously popular games, twists it slights, and place something quite decent and unique onto Google Play. It is in this latter category that Duck Tile Tap falls, taking the classic black and white tile genre, but including... MORE DUCKS!

Yes, you read correctly. The game takes the core gameplay from the heart of games like Piano Tiles, and replaces some of those tiles with Ducks. The result is surprisingly good, with the same addictive, speed-based gameplay in tact, though slightly mixed up and splashed in a good dose of humor!

For those who have not playes a tile-tap game before, the concept it very simple. Over a set period of time, or in a rapid succession, the player must tap the screen quickly in particular places - in this instance - on the duck. Each tap causes the screen to move up slightly, the object being to progress as far as possible as quickly as possible. It may sound bizarre, but it actually is quite simple once you start playing.

All in all, this is a fun little game worth checking out. Great for filling in those spare minutes that pop up all over the day. Download it now and get tapping!

 In the words of the developer:

If you like" Don't tap the black tiles", "Piano tiles", or "Black and White", you will love this game. A speed tapping game. Object is to tap the ducks as fast as you can, and avoid the hunter. Sound simple? Not as easy as you may think. Compete against friends and players around the world.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Today's app of the day is Coins.

There are plenty of great Wallpaper applications available for Android devices, but unfortunately live wallpapers have never seemed to take off. I think it is because they are often too 'busy' or over complicated, distracting from the user experience. Coins, a great new wallpaper app seems to have rrecognized this, providing a great pack of lvie wallpapers that are both interactive, yet not distracting - adding to the overall user experience instead of distracting from it.

With Coins, you can choose from a variety of simple wallpapers (koi fish, zodiac years, lucky symbols, etc) and then have a number of coins float calmly over the image. Check out the video above and you will see exactly what I mean. One of the best features is that the coins actually tap into your phones accelerator and move as you shift the screen about - tilt the phone to the left and you will be able to see the coins begin to gradually drift in that direction.

With the ability to purchase and have up to 9 coins on the screen at a time, this is a great android wallpaper app worth checking out. For live wallpaper fans, especially those interest in Chinese symbols of prosperity and luck, this is a must have app,

In the words of the developer:

COINSé’± LIVE WALLPAPER. Ignite wealth, luck, prosperity, with this visually exciting and powerful app. There are ten emperors from the Qing dynasty, each with there own coin representing they reign in power. With this live wallpaper app you choose a wallpaper e.g. koi fish, zodiac year, Chinese lucky symbol ect, Then after you have purchased coins you can activate up to one to nine coins. Once coins and wallpaper have been activated, coins will float harmoniously around your phone and over the wallpaper. Coins move with your phone, e.g. tilt your phone to the left coins will move left with your phone. You can also purchase a five element pagoda for protection from negative energy that brings misfortune.
-Ten different emperors, coins to choose from.
-14 FREE chinese Wallpapers
- FREE App
-5 element pagoda
COINS float around your phone and move with your phones tilt and movement.
HOW TO USE live wallpaper.
- Go to coins purchase coins. Once coins have been purchased >go to my coins and select and activate purchased coins. You can activate up to nine coins at one time. Once you have selected coins >go to wallpaper and activate a wallpaper. Once coins and wallpaper have been activated go to settings and set wallpaper.same procedure for the pagoda. To use lock screen you have to set wallpaper up through phone settings.
The Ten Emperors of the Qing dynasty 
SHUN-ZHI 1644-1662 KANG-XI 1662-1723 YONG ZHENG 1723-1739 QIANLONG 1739-1796 JIA QING 1796-1821 DAO GUANG 1821-1851 XIAN FENG 1851-1862 TONG ZHI 1862-1875 GUANG XU 1875-1908 XUAN TONG 1908 -1911
$$$ Have chinese ancient wealth floating around your phone.