Monday, April 21, 2014

Candy Birds

Today's app of the day is Candy Birds.

There have been plenty of good Flappy Bird imitations for Android devices since the infamous little birdy and it's Vietnamese developer took the world by storm with an enchanting mixture of simplicity and addictive-ness. No sooner though, than most of the world downloading the game onto their devices, the developer packed up and deleted the game from all app stores, pacing the way for the aforementioned imitations. Now these have ranged from pretty good, to outright awful, with every possible incarnation of the game replicated.

At the better end of the spectrum stands Candy Birds, or Flappy Candy (it has a variety of names), which see you take to the sky controlling two birds (one at a time) in an attempt to navigate between Mario style pipes and get the highest score. The whole thing can be completely infuriating, but there is something surprisingly thrilling when you get in a good rhythm and really start wracking up a high score.

Other than the gameplay (which I am sure everyone s familiar with by now), Candy Birds looks and sounds great. It captures that whimsical charm of the original, but gives it a unique spin with bright colours that really pop off the screen. At the end of the day, if you are after a Flappy Bird clone then look know further - this is probably the best!

In the words of the developer:

We are two sweet candy birds.
We need you to touch the screen to stretch our little wings to take the thrilling adventure.
It is easy and fun to play, but a little challenge to be a master
Buddies, start playing now and gain the best scores among your families and friends.

Monday, April 14, 2014

War of Worlds

Today's app of the day is War of Worlds.

War of Worlds is a great new Android (and iOS) game by developer Mad Over Games. Gameplay see the user control a spaceship that they must control as far as they possibly can, trying to rack up a high score. Progress gets more difficult as the game advances, with different types of ships trying to get in your way.

To make things easier, the player can shoot down enemy ships, clearing the path forwards. All in all, this makes for quite an exciting gaming experience, heightened by the ever present 'high score' and the lure of trying to beat all your friends on Facebook (with very tight integration into the game itself). 

Controls are through tilt, in much the same vein as games such as DoodleJump. I sometimes hate this format of control, but War of Worlds does a great job with it. Gameplay aside, War of Worlds also looks and sounds great. On top of this it throws in some really unique features such as live video sharing of gameplay (imagine if that existed in Flappy Bird!) 

At the end of the day, this is a pretty cool android game, well worth checking out!

 In the words of the developer:

TRENDING War of Worlds mobile game with Facebook friends integration for Free
Mission - Save the planet from alien birds in this space battle
Are you cool enough to Save the Planet? Prepare to fight in this epic space battle with friends against flying birds. It's totally Free, work well with a touch on your mobile. Live gameplay video recording. Share with friends on facebook , twitter or youtube.
Dodge Birds Aliens, tilt mobile to move, touch mobile to shoot
Epic space warfare retro style game
Track your Facebook friends.
Share photo with facebook friends. 
Save the planet from birds with a touch
Battle against alien birds
Experience the adventure of War of Worlds Trending, the ultimate super hero space alien birds combat. Flying through animated space, fighting against alien birds - UFO and red bird aliens in space. Just tap touch to shoot birds. Ready to clash with Birds in space?
☆ FREE TO PLAY on touch enabled Mobile and Tablets
☆ Compete with your facebook friends
☆ Live gameplay video recording.
☆ Share your recorded video gameplay with friends on facebook, twitter, youtube or everyplay.
☆ Earn Facebook games achievements
☆ Leaderboard support for Facebook friends
☆ Techno Style art, you will love it
☆ We are 100% SECURE

We take customer feedback very seriously, please leave us a review.
About The Organization:
Facebook page -
Youtube page -
Google+ page -
Twitter -
Play Store Download -
EveryPlay -

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jumping Games - Jumper

Today's app of the day is Jumping Games - Jumper.

Jumping Games - Jumper is a great new android game jumping game popularized by the likes of Doodle Dash. In face, Jumper takes the concept and replicates it quite flawlessly, whilst at the same time adding a few unique twists.

The most prominent of these 'twists' is the manner in which the game is scored. Under the classic 'jumper' model of game play, points are based on how high the player can guide their character. In jumper, this is mixed up, with points earned by collecting numbers. The more points you collect, obviously, lead to a better score.

Along the way there are three great powerups to assist your progression, including Rockets, Twin Rockets, and Balloons. Each has a slightly different effect to boost you higher. There are also bombs and other obstacles (such as falling platforms, etc) to hinder your jumping and make getting a high score more difficult.

Once you get a high score, it can be easily posted on Facebook so you can gloat against your friends who has the best score. All in all, this isn't a bad game at all, with simple but effective graphics, quirky sounds and responsive tilt controls. Check it out!

 In the words of the developer:

Add This To Your Collection Of Jumping Games
Simply Guide "Jumper" To The Top By Tilting Your Device To Keep It On Course!
Collect Points On Your Way Up
Save Top 10 High Scores!
3 PowerUps – Rocket, Twin Rocket, Balloon (Super Jump Boost To Blast You Sky High)
Save Top 10 High Scores & Share Your Score On Facebook
Great Game For Kids & Adults!
This is one of the best jumping games you will ever play!
Download Today!

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