Thursday, December 1, 2011

Appy Geek

Today's app of the day is Appy Geek.

Appy Geek is a great android application for keeping up to date with all the latest tech and geek news. Appy Geek allows you to stay up to date with the news of your choice by adding "keywords" to a watch-list of sorts. After adding keywords, Appy Geek will browse a variety of sources (such as TechRadar, New Media Age, Pocket-Lint, Technology Blogged, Tech Watch) and collate them under the relevant keywords you have added.


This may not be the best explanation ever, but in practice it works excellently. Essentially, Appy Geek allows you to create your own custom news channels. Appy Geek also has a great widget, allows notifications, and features easy sharing to all the usual social networks.

Price: Free