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FaceApp - despite the controversy there's a reason it is popular!

FaceApp is high in the ranks of then Google Play store at the moment, and despite the controversies of white-washing, there's a reason. In short, it's really fun, simple to use and an all round well-designed app that has some great filters and effects.
The purpose of the app is simple - simply load it up, take a photo, play with a few dials and then before you know it there's your desired outcome - whether it be a new gender, a younger self, an older self - etc. You name it - FaceApp can do it.
Check it out today, it's one of those apps well worth downloading and spending a few minutes with!


Today's app of the day is TweetComb.

No doubt, if you have an android tablet, one of the first things you looked for it a twitter client (presuming you are a Twitter user). OF course, the official Twitter app isn't bad, but it isn't utilised for a tablet. In fact, you will probably quickly realise (as I did), that not many Twitter apps are utilised for the android tablet experience.

This aside, there is one app that fills this void perfectly. This app is TweetComb (i.e. Tweet + Honeycomb). TweetComb makes great use of the screen real-estate offered by android tablets, as you will see in the screenshots below. Broken into columns, you will quickly be able to see your timeline, mentions, direct messages, favorites and other customisations as you desire.

These features aside, TweetComb features all the other standard features you would expect from a Twitter client. In short, if you have an android tablet and are a Twitter user, TweetComb is really your only choice. 

In the words …

HighlightCam Social

Today's app of the day is Highlight Cam Social.

Highlight Cam Social is an app that allows you to automatically edit your mobile videos on your phone. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to find the best scenes in your video clips and then edits them together with special effects/music that you choose. So what does this mean?

In short, if you use your android device to record videos, there is now an easy way to mix them up, ad some tunes to the background, add a variety of effects and customisations, then share them to the world. For someone with no video editing experience, even this may sound complicated, but Highlight Cam Social does all the work for you, going as far as detecting important components of videos based on a number of available profiles (i.e. "Action", "Balanced" etc). Trust me - making a great video has never been so easy!

You can also check outonline masters degrees in cinematography to find digital videography classes that can teach…

TubMate YouTube Downloader

Today's app of the day is TubMate YouTube Downloader.

(Powered by LaunchBit)

If you are after an easy way to download YouTube videos onto your mobile device so they can be watched offline, then TubMate YouTube Downloader is for you. Simply boot up TubMate YouTube Downloader, search for the video you want, click play and a menu quickly appears providing a number of options for downloading.

Not only can videos be downloaded for offline viewing, but the audio alone can be saved in mp3 format, making it a simple (though legally dubious) way of getting some new tunes onto your phone or tablet. Download speeds are lightning fast (I was getting 4 mb mp3's in a matter of seconds), there are plenty of customization options and best of all, it just works, straight out of the box, with no complicated configuration.

Once you have the art of getting youtube videos onto your PC, you might as well start watching full deature films on your PC. Click Here! to find out how.

In the words of the devel…

Shoot the Apple

Today's app of the day is Shoot the Apple.

Shoot the Apple is a great game, created in a similar vein to other physics games such as angry birds and crush the castle. The concept too, is equally as abstract as birds flying at pigs. In Shoot the Apple you shoot aliens (who have fallen in love with a piece of fruit) at an apple. If you hit the apple, the level collapses around you you can more onto the next stage.

The level structure is the classic mobile game affair, with lots of stages, each comprising of multiple levels, and your performance on each level being rated by 1 to 3 stars. The graphics, sound and gameplay are all great in Shoot the Apple, making it a great android game!

In the words of the developer:
Amazing physics game - shoot aliens to the apple! Alien is falling love with the apple. In each stage, apple is hidden behind obstacles. Alien needs your help, with the great power of the cannon, to reach the apple finally! How to play? # Tap screen to shoot alien.
# Cannon power …

Top of the Web

Today's app of the day is Top of the Web.

Top of the Web is one of the most simplistic android apps around. In short, it is simply a list of the most popular sites on the web, grouped into a variety of categories. Sure, bookmarks do the same job, but I prefer to only have a few of my favourite sites in bookmarks, making my most used sites easy to find. In contrast,  Top of the Web makes it easy to access a larger variety of more popular resources without clogging up your bookmarks.

The app is lightning fast and low on resourses, featuring a simple interface (some may say ugly), but at the end of the day it gets the job done.

In the words of the developer:
Easy access to the top sites on the web... A list of the top sites on the Web, including quick links for easy access. Browse through categories including: - Top of the Web
- Top Social Networks
- Top Video
- Top Video Games
- Top Tech / Gadget
- Top Celeb / Gossip
- Top Music
- Top Reference
- Top News
Sites featured include: - Google
- Facebook
- …

Australia (or insert other country name *here*) Newspapers

Today's app of the day is Australia Newspapers.

Given that today (26 January) is Australia, and that I am Australian, I thought I would give my recommendation today an "Australian" theme. And what is more Australian than an app called Australia Newspapers.

In short, Australia Newspapers provides a direct link to the website of almost all major Australian newspapers. Sounds simple, and may not be everyone's sort of app, but it is handy having all your favourite news sources in once central location.

For my non-Australian readers, don't fear, the developer Baris Efe, has created many versions of this app. Check out:

Prensa de EspañaUS NewspapersUK NewspapersDanmark AviserDeutsche ZeitungenLes Journaux en FrançaisGazetelerQuotidiani Italiani

and many many more....

In the words of the developer:

Read major Australia newspapers, news sites online. You can find news from The Daily Telegraph,, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Australian Financial Review, The Austral…

ES File Explorer

Today's app of the day is ES File Explorer.

If you use your mobile device for more than the bare bone minimums, then it is likely you will need and use a file explorer of some variety. Whether it is accessing personal files, browsing downloaded files or cleaning up space, a good file explorer is essential.

ES File Explorer is not only a great file explorer, but also includes a few extra features that makes positions it above the pack. All the obvious features are includes, such as an inbuilt txt reader, text editor, image viewer, zip viewer and player, the ability to copy, move, cut, paste, create, rename,  manage files, folders, applications, memory, and more.

On top of all this, one of the most useful features is the ability to access the shared folders and files from your PC on your device. This is great for having quick access to all your documents and pictures, but also makes streaming music and videos over a home network a breeze, removing the need to have streaming clients con…

Angry Birds

Today's app of the day is Angry Birds.

It could be that I am getting lazy, or it could be that it is already late and I still have 20 things to do, but today I am keeping my app recommendation simple. For that reason, I am recommending the original Angry Birds.

Angry Birds is undoubtedly the most popular mobile game of recent time, available on almost every platform that exists. I'm not going to waste any more time on this one, other than to say, if you haven't already given it a go, then well - you probably wouldn't be looking at a site like this in the first place.

Don't be ashamed that 12 year old girls love wearing angry bird t-shirts and backpacks, or that angry birds fluffy toys now cling onto the shelves of gift stores. At the end of the day, Angry Birds is a great game, with smooth graphics, excellent sound and some of the most addictive gameplay of the 21st century thus far. 
Angry Birds Price: Free

Paper Toss

Today's app of the day is Paper Toss.

If you have been using smart phones for at least a couple of years now, then it is likely that at some stage you have had Paper Toss installed on your device. Available for iOS and Android, Paper Toss is up there with Angry Birds and FlightPlan as one of the quintessential mobile games.

That aside, in the newly crowded mobile gaming arena, many new smartphone users may not have yet given Paper Toss a try, so a friendly reminder (through this recommendation) hopefully won't go astray.

The concept of Paper Toss is simple. Step 1 - throw paper by flicking finger on screen, Step 2 - hope it lands in the bin. Throw in varying distances to the bin, and a fan that blows wind at differing strengths with every shot, and you have an addictive gaming experience.

In the words of the developer:
The hit game has finally arrived for Android! Have you ever been bored at work, crumpled up a piece of paper and counted how many times you can make it in a small tra…