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Microsoft is actually a great Android developer - 'To-Do' is another reason why!

It may seem suprising to some, but Microsoft is actually a fantastic Android developer. In fact, I'd go as far to saythat their app offerings for Android are far superior to than their offerings for the Windows App store. For starters the full suite of Microsoft Office apps are great, as is one drive and one note, and the Arrow App Launcher is actually one of the best custom android skins available (seriously - check it out!).

To round this out, over the last few days Microsoft has released 'To-Do' which as you've guessed it - is a to-do list. It really could not be simpler - the app allows the creation of lists and then as part of each list allows tasks and items to be added.

The design is simple and clean, and a nice move away from the boxy interface design that still dominates some of the earlier Windows apps for android. It's fast, lightweight, cloud based (of course) and has a widget - so there is not much more you could ask for!

Of course there is lots of co…

Hey Tell

Today's app of the day is Hey Tell.

Remember when you were a kid and were given a set of walkie talkies for a birthday? How great it was to be able to be anywhere in the house, and still be able to, on the press of a button, talk to a friend or sibling in a neighboring room? If so, then you will definitely like  Hey Tell.

 Hey Tell essentially turns your mobile phone into a walkie talkie, letting you talk to people not just in an adjoining room, but from right around the world. The concept it simple, (1) add friends who have also installed the app then (2) hold the button and talk. It is simple and it works.

If both users have the app open, the lag between sending messages and receiving (which I tested by using phones next to each other, both on separate mobile networks) is minimal, with sending and receiving messages happening just as it would on a real walkie talkie. This isn't the best feature of  Hey Tell though. At the end of the day if you want to chat to someone for free, then Skype or other mobile calling apps would be more appropriate.


In contrast, the best feature is the way in which  Hey Tell will drastically reduce the number of SMSs you send. If you want to contact someone with a quick message (i.e. an SMS style message), but couldn't be bothered typing, then simply choose your contact in  Hey Tell, press "Hold and Speak", record your message then sit back and wait. On your friends phone a notification tone will chime and they will be able to listen to your message and reply, either 5 minutes or 5 days later. In addition,  Hey Tell keeps a history of messages, just like in a normal SMS conversation.

In short, install the app and add a few friends (hassle them to install the app to). You will very quickly find an entire new world of use for your phone!

In the words of the developer:

Why SMS when you can push-to-talk? Talk to Droid & iPhone friends with HeyTell!
HeyTell® is a cross-platform voice messenger/walkie-talkie/intercom that allows you to instantly talk with friends & family. No account needed—just start the app, choose a contact, & push the button to start talking!
* Send & receive voice messages with other HeyTell users on Androids, iPhones, iPads, & iPods with the press of a single button
* Voice messages quicker than SMS—and free! (NOTE THAT CARRIERS MAY CHARGE YOU & YOUR RECIPIENT FOR SMS INVITES, but email invites and direct connections to users who have Low privacy set are free)
* Very low data usage, no more than sending an email
* Works on 3G, EDGE or WiFi
* Superior audio quality: At 16 kHz, HeyTell delivers twice the frequency range of a cell phone call
* EXTRAS! Check out the Voice Changer or create 25-way chat with Groups!
* Notifications alert whenever a message is received if you enable the Background Service via Menu > Profile > Background Service
✳ TIP: If you are using wifi & want to avoid late notifications, be sure to set your Wifi Sleep Policy to Never: Menu >Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi Settings > Menu > Advanced > Wi-Fi sleep policy > Never.
* Quickly Friend/Unfriend/Block. Adding contacts as friends ensures that you can always quickly find them by tapping the To: field and tapping "Friends."
* Choose from three different privacy levels to control how users can contact you without an invite:
✓ Low Privacy: Anyone who knows your contact information can connect with you without an invite.
✓ Medium Privacy: Anyone who knows your contact information and is friends with one of your HeyTell friends can connect with you. Otherwise, they must invite you to connect.
✓ High Privacy: No one can connect with you until you accept their invitation.
* Optionally, share your location with selected contacts while you talk
✳ TIP: To send your location information to a contact, you must have the MAPS page open (tap TARGET button) when you send the HeyTell message. For privacy reasons, HeyTell does not send your location unless you approve & have Maps open.
✳ Conversations can be saved & replayed offline, or deleted on-demand
✳ TIP: Long-press on conversations & individual messages to access extended View, Delete, and Export options.
* All data and audio you transmit to HeyTell and your friends is encrypted in transit
* Earpiece and speakerphone functionality: Press the Speaker button to toggle between earpiece and speaker mode (If you find earpiece sound is too low, enable the speaker)
* You do NOT need to share personal information to connect with HeyTell contacts. See and for more information about connecting without sharing phone numbers or email addresses!
✳ TIP: If you have Android 2.2+ & have a Gmail account on your phone, back up your account so that you do not have to re-add friends when you change phones. To do this, exit HeyTell and enable the Backup options accessed via Menu > Settings > Privacy.
✳ TIP: If you can send messages to friends, but you are not receiving them, ask your friends to respond directly to you by tapping the active conversation. It is likely that the contact information they're using to find you doesn't match what you set for yourself and/or your privacy is higher. However, directly responding to the conversation should always work! :) They should then add you as a friend and select you from their Friends list instead resolving you from their Address Book/Contacts list.
✳ TIP: IF YOU GET AN "INBOX FULL" message, there's no need to delete the app or messages: This just means that your friend has to listen or reply to the messages you sent before you can continue to send them messages. Once they listen or respond, you can keep on talking!
Problems or questions?
- Check out our FAQ at
- Email us at!
- Follow us on Twitter @
- "Like" us on Facebook at!
Price: Free

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