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Netflix and Android - chromecast, downloading, profiles - close to perfection!

Netflix and Android have always had a great relationship, but over recent years the app has really gone from strength to strength. The interface is fantastic and the feature set continues to grow in meaningful ways, making it one of my must-have apps.
The first example that comes to mind is obviously Chromecast support. Now this isn’t a Netflix exclusive option, and it is supported well in many media apps, but Netflix and Chromecast work so seamlessly well together that I struggle to think about how I survived before the pairing existed!
Next is the newly integrated ‘Download’ option, which allows users to download content and watch it on the go without a data connection.  Honestly, Netflix kicked it out of the park with this one – it could not be easier to use, it includes all the right settings (save to SD, definition quality control, etc) – and best of all it is all within the existing price brackets. I almost feel they could have charged extra for this service alone – but am ext…


Today's app of the day is Thumb.

Thumb is a great new app that quickly allows you to ask a question, and in a matter of minutes receive answers from 100's of people. In my experience thus far, regardless of the question I ask, responses flow in faster than they can often be kept track of!

The concept it simple. Think of a question that has a yes or no response, post a picture relating to that question (and if you don't have a picture, a build in Google image search makes this an easy task), "get opinions" then sit back and wait.

Users can give your question a Thumbs Up (i.e. yes) or a Thumbs Down (i.e. no) and also provide some written feedback. It hasn't taken long though for users to quickly work around the limitations of this system, with questions such as "Who is hotter, the blonde (Thumbs up) or Brunette (Thumbs Down)?".

Once you star answering questions, people will give you a "star" if they are impressed by your response. The more stars you get the better your opinions are deemed to be. I haven't fully worked out the purpose of collecting stars, but users are quite liberal in dishing them out, and there is a strange sense of satisfaction in seeing them being amassed, as it ultimately means someone out there has appreciated or valued your response.

With Facebook and Twitter integration (which you will have to keep an eye on, otherwise your questions will go to your walls / streams), Thumb is a well rounded app, that provides a refreshing take on social networking (yes, you can add friends, send direct messages (or ask direct questions), etc) that is strangely addictive!

Well worth checking out.


In the words of the developer:

Ask Questions, Get Instant Opinions with Thumb.
It’s easy. You simply ask a question and boom! The responses come flying in. Called “highly addictive” by Mashable and “dead simple” by The Next Web, users are flocking to Thumb to solicit feedback and help others by weighing in with their opinions.
-Vote and comment on questions
-Responses come in just seconds after you post your question
-Choose your audience: post questions to everyone on Thumb, select a gender, or just send to your Friends
-Respond to questions in a specific category
-Connect with people who share similar interests
-Reward people by giving them Stars for helpful responses
and more!
But don’t just take our word for it; listen to what the experts are saying:
“I was struck by just how quickly responses to my questions came.” – VentureBeat
“The site returns solid answers and lets users reward good responses.” - GigaOm
“…Angry Birds-like addictive quality to the application. The app works fast.” -Portfolio
It’s free and takes just a minute to sign up, so download Thumb and start sharing your opinions today!
*Sorry, young ‘uns…you must be at least 13 years of age to use Thumb.
Price: Free

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