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FaceApp - despite the controversy there's a reason it is popular!

FaceApp is high in the ranks of then Google Play store at the moment, and despite the controversies of white-washing, there's a reason. In short, it's really fun, simple to use and an all round well-designed app that has some great filters and effects.
The purpose of the app is simple - simply load it up, take a photo, play with a few dials and then before you know it there's your desired outcome - whether it be a new gender, a younger self, an older self - etc. You name it - FaceApp can do it.
Check it out today, it's one of those apps well worth downloading and spending a few minutes with!

Alarm Clock Ultra Free and Animated Battery Widget

Today I am recommending two apps from the same developerAlarm Clock Ultra Free and Animated Battery Widget

Alarm Clock Ultra Free

Every phone comes with a built in alarm function, but often it is simply tacked on without much thought for functionality or additional features. Alarm Clock Ultra dismisses these conventions and offers android users a feature packed alarm clock, that will not only get you up in the morning, but ensure that by the time you pull your legs out of bed, you are well and truly ready for a new day.
OK, that may have been a bit of an exaggeration - but Alarm Clock does truly have some great extras. A good example is the snooze functionality, which allows you to require the completion of mathematical sums, or the solving of simple colour based puzzles to give yourself that additional 10 minutes sleep! Alarm Clock Ultra also includes some great looking widgets, and also includes a fantastic looking Stopwatch, a countdown timer and even an egg timer with cooking inst…

Rate Beer for Android

Today's app of the day is Rate Beer for Android.

Rate Beer for Android is an essential app for an serious beer drinker. It allows you to easily (through simply scanning a bar code) find reviews on a massive amount of beers, plus add your own reviews. It isn't only bottled or canned beers that can be rated. No, Rate Beer for Android also features user reviews on a huge amount of beers from micro-breweries or local pubs.

Check out your local region - you may be surprised at how many beers actually manage to feature and be reviewed in this app. With the ability to find your closest beer at all times (through Google maps integration), this is a great app for those who want to try a wide variety of beers and drinking establishments.


In the words of the developer:
Mobile interface to the world's largest source for information on craft beer: RateBeer
- Search beers and get extensive details, with style and ABV information and recent user ratings
- Get beer details by its scannin…

Mantis Apps

As you may have noticed, I have been recommending a lot of my own apps on this blog lately. My apps so far include:

Droid App of the DaySocial ZoneReddit for AndroidGaming HubGeek HubNews HubEntertainment HubTop of the WebThe Red ButtonExploring SLR
To establish a more cohesive way to promote these apps, I have created Mantis Apps, which is the branding I will now use for all my future app releases and developments.
Check out my new site and head to Google Play and download some of the apps - there are a number of free downloads, including the official Droid App of the Day application. 
If you have any feedback, or future app suggestions, It would be great to hear from you, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

Mini Motor Racing

Today's app of the day  is Mini Motor Racing.

Mini Motor Racing is a great new android racing game. This is a top down isometric racer in the style of micro-machines, and it brings an excellent gaming experience to android devices as you tear around race tracks in remote controlled cars. This game ticks all the boxes, great graphics, great sound, excellent track design and even an OK story.

This could be the best racer currently available for android devices, so make sure you give it a try.

In the words of the developer:

Little cars, BIG fun!
Start your engines! The most vibrant, super-charged racing game you’ve ever seen is here!

Mini Motor Racing plays like a favorite remote-controlled car showdown, combined with modern tech to nitro-boost your engines! Play multiplayer against up to four of your friends via WiFi! Race in campaign competitions for big rewards! Upgrade your skills and cars to win more! It’s all here in Mini Motor Racing.

"This seems like the game that could finally…

Glow Hockey 2

Today's app of the day is Glow Hockey 2.

Glow Hockey 2 is classic air hockey for your android device, allowing you to replicate the action from an arcade hall in the palm of your hand. You can play against the computer, or with a friend, making it a great app to fill in time either by yourself or with someone else. The game features great visuals and sound, especially on the neon inspired themes. This is a great replica of the arcade hall classic, so give it a go!

In the words of the developer:

Glow Hockey 2 delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents or play with your friends!
+ Multiplayer (on the same device).
+ 2 table themes.
+ Colorful glow graphics.
+ Smooth and responsive game play.
+ Realistic physics.
+ Quick play mode (single player), challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels (easy to insane).
+ 4 selectable paddles and pucks.
+ Vibrate when goal. The paid version is available:
Glow Hockey 2 Prohttp://w…

BaconReader for Reddit

Today's app of the day is BaconReader for Reddit.

Bacon Reader is probably the best Reddit client for Android Devices, dishing up all the best Reddit content through a stylish, modern interface. It includes the ability to easily read articles, submit links and access sub-Reddits. It also includes a great keyword search function, and integrates fully with your own Reddit profile.

All in all if you have been waiting for a good Reddit client for Android devices, the wait it over. Check out BaconReader for Reddit now.

In the words of the developer:

BaconReader serves up Reddit content in a stylish package with powerful features
“This is the absolute best looking Reddit app around.” –Android Police “…brings a lot to the table in terms of functionality and usability.” –Droid Life “BaconReader Is A Great New Reddit App For Android” –Addictive Tips BaconReader is an intuitive, beautiful, feature-packed client for reddit, made specifically for Android users. And best of all, you can bring home thi…


Today's app of the day is NBA Jam.

After being re-released on the major consoles earlier in the year, the updated port of NBA Jam has finally made its way into the android eco-system. If anyone hasn't played the classic Genesis / Mega drive version of NBA Jam, or the updated version released last year - you have been missing out.

In short, NBA Jam is 2 on 2 arcade basketball action. Unlike most other sports games, you only control one of the characters, allowing you  to focus more on the action, instead of worrying about a complicated control scheme. The action comes fast and thick, with over the top commentary that is a real flash back to the mid 90's.

All in all, if you are looking to re-live some nostalgic moments from your youth, or looking for a rather unique sport game experience, then give NBA Jam live a go!

In the words of the developer:

Jam with your favorite stars from all 30 NBA teams in over-the-top, high-flying, 2-on-2 arcade basketball just like y…

Cat Playground

Today's app of the day is Cat Playground.

As the developer has written, Cat Playground is a game for cats, not humans. That doesn't mean humans won't enjoy watching their feline friends swipe wildly at their android tablet as virtual fish, mice, laser pointers or moles dash or pop up over the screen.
I tried this app on my Ragdoll kitten last night, and she loved it - especially the fish and the mouse game. For $2, this is as cheap as any other toy in a pet store, and is guaranteed to give both cats and their owners as much enjoyment - check it out!

In the words of the developer:

Cat Playground is a game for cats, not humans. Let your furry friend chase a mouse, fish, or a laser pointer, and earn points for everytime he catches it. Be warned tough, it may cause cat addiction.
This cat toy will work on pretty much any Android phone with a touchscreen, tough it will work best with tablets and phones with a large display since it will make it easier for your cat. FAQ: Q - What the h…