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Microsoft is actually a great Android developer - 'To-Do' is another reason why!

It may seem suprising to some, but Microsoft is actually a fantastic Android developer. In fact, I'd go as far to saythat their app offerings for Android are far superior to than their offerings for the Windows App store. For starters the full suite of Microsoft Office apps are great, as is one drive and one note, and the Arrow App Launcher is actually one of the best custom android skins available (seriously - check it out!).

To round this out, over the last few days Microsoft has released 'To-Do' which as you've guessed it - is a to-do list. It really could not be simpler - the app allows the creation of lists and then as part of each list allows tasks and items to be added.

The design is simple and clean, and a nice move away from the boxy interface design that still dominates some of the earlier Windows apps for android. It's fast, lightweight, cloud based (of course) and has a widget - so there is not much more you could ask for!

Of course there is lots of co…


Today's app of the day is Gold+

I am a big fan of having simple, effective apps that serve a unique purpose. Of course there are apps out there that try to be a 'jack-of-all-trades', but for a mobile experience, simplicity is really the key. This is where Gold+ really excels. It knows what it want to be, and then unwavering delivers a great user experience to achieve that goal.

Speaking of goals - that is what Gold+ is all about. In short, Gold+ is a goal setting application for Android users. By pressing the 'new goal' button users can set their goal, catagorise it, make notes and include 'requirements' for that particular goal. You can also set alarms and reminders to ensure that you stay on track with meeting your goals. If setting goals isn't your thing, then consider Gold+ as an effective task list.

The user interface is instantly usable with no complicated set up required. I was also massively impressed by the system utilised to select dates. I would not be suprised if other developers out there got hold of this and started incorporating it in their apps - it is smooth!

All in all, Gold+ is a great app for those of us who like staying in control of out life, or are simply organised. Best of all,  it's free - what do you have to lose!

In the words of the developer:

Manage your life - Organize your tasks and goals in an optimal way to save time
GOLD+ is a short, medium and long term goals manager.
All the goals added can be ordered by date or importance.
So, you can do the most urgent tasks before the others, and the most important ones first.
GOLD+ is designed for those who have a busy schedule, and always end up forgetting everything. For example: students with multiple courses and projects at the same time, ending up forgetting dates, or never do their own projects by mismanagement of their time.
In fact, GOLD+ can simply be used as a todo list of things to do, but there is much more that can be done: a classification of todos, notifications to remind you of things you have to do, while reminding you of the rewards associated to motivate you.
In addition, GOLD+ can handle longer-term goals, divide them into sub-goals and track progress in a measurable way.
To summarize, you can:
- Add goals and classify them in pre-defined categories (Personal, Training), or defined by you.
- Divide a goal into sub-goals if it is too long.
- See quick goals classified in the order that you have in mind.
- Send notifications to remind you to make short-term tasks, and remember to divide the too big or too long goals, tasks or projects.
- View the progress of a long-term goal or a sub-goal.

Now, go and organize yourself to save time!

Price: Free

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