Friday, July 20, 2012

Auto Rap

Today's app of the day is AutoRap.

A number of weeks ago, I put forward Songify as the Droid App of the Day. Today, I am offering a similar offering by developer Smule, in the form of AutoRap. AutoRap does for rap, what Songify did for melodic tunes, in that it takes the words you speak into your device and "auto-tunes" them as "rap" - fitting snuggly with a variety of backing beats.

AutoRap provides a variety of free beats to chose from, and also includes an impressive (and ever growing) selection of backing tracks tp buy. In addition to being able to talk into the app, AutoRap actually allows you test your real-life rapping sensibilities against a variety of popular tracks. With headphones, this is a really great feature!

All in all, AutoRap continues the Smule legacy of creating great music based games. Check it out!


In the words of the developer:

YO. This is AutoRap. It turns speech into rap, and corrects bad rapping.
With Smule’s proprietary “rappification” technology, AutoRap maps the syllables of your speech to any beat, creating a unique rap every time.
As the lyrical master, Jay-Z, says "This is the death of Auto-Tune, moment of silence". This is AutoRap.
"you simply speak into your phone, and the app chops your voice and buries it in a whole mess of autotuney goodness" --engadget
Talk into the app, and AutoRap magically morphs your speech into a legit rap. Create your own original rap songs with Freestyle Beats, or use Premium Songs from artists like Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj, to AutoRap with the songs you know and love.
Switch to Rap Mode and flaunt your skillz by rapping along to your favorite songs, following the lyrics that scroll across the screen. AutoRap will correct your flow, snapping your syllables to the rhythmic grid of the underlying beat.
Now go share your creations with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. Sing them a happy birthday they’ll never forget, or give ‘em the lowdown on the sandwich you ate for lunch.
The current song catalogue includes songs and beats by:
Nicki Minaj
♪ Eminem feat. Rihanna
♪ Snoop Dogg
♪ Ludacris
♪ Tupac feat. Dr. Dre
♪ Outkast
♪ Nelly
♪ Beastie Boys
♪ Kelis
♪ Chamillionaire
...and many more!
Check back daily to see what’s new. Want something we don’t have? Visit our Facebook page ( and put your request in!
- Choose between talk or rap mode.
- Pick your beat from freestyle or premium sounds.
- Beautiful visualizations match the beat of your raps.
- Don’t like the beat, just re-AutoRap it!
- Share your creations via email, Facebook and Twitter
- Come back frequently to earn additional plays.
AutoRap offers you the ability to choose between Freestyle and Premium beats, using “Plays”. Plays allow you to try out any song in the catalogue, without being stuck with any one song. Each time you create an AutoRap, or Re-AutoRap, with a Freestyle or Premium beat, the corresponding Play Balance gets deducted by 1 Play. We give you a Starter Pack of free Freestyle Plays so you can try them out!
We offer two songs that are ALWAYS FREE - “Turkey Burgers” and “OneOneOne” - so you can use the app anytime you want completely free, without spending any money, ever.
We also allow you to earn Freestyle and Premium Plays.
NOTE: Headphones recommended for maximum enjoyment.
Price: Free