Friday, September 21, 2012

Turbo Kids

Today's app of the day is Turbo Kids.

Turbo Kids is a free game (though packed with micro-transactions), which sees you competing in a number of races against a group of 'turbo kids'. There are a variety of game modes, but the core premise sees all the kids starting in relatively the same position, then competing in a race to the finish line.

Along the way you can collect powerups, shoot your opponents to stun them, and jump (or double jump which is always satisfying) over obstacles. The goal is obviously to finish first, as you compete in a variety of tournaments and game modes.

Although the micro-transactions might be pushed a little too hard, this is still  a fun free game and worth checking out!

In the words of the developer:

Partake in the crazy Turbo Kids tournament and win the ultimate prizes!
An amazing journey full of fantasy and excitement! Turbo Kids are competing outdoors to win ultimate prize. Join in the tournament to see what Turbo Kids can bring you!
# Tap to jump and shoot bullets
# Different stages for four seasons
# Tournament: Regular, Relay, Timing, Chase
# Shoot Ice bullet to freeze opponents
# Shoot Exchange bullet to change position with opponent instantly
# Shoot Trap bullet to trap opponent
Learn different kinds of skill, unlock items and achievements, to be the real Turbo Kids!
Droidhen is the name behind Defender, Defender II, Dinosaur War, Miracle City, Basketball Shot, DH Texas Poker, Turbo Kids, Gun of Glory and many other top popular games. Droidhen is also marked as top developer by google.

Turbo Kids