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FaceApp - despite the controversy there's a reason it is popular!

FaceApp is high in the ranks of then Google Play store at the moment, and despite the controversies of white-washing, there's a reason. In short, it's really fun, simple to use and an all round well-designed app that has some great filters and effects.
The purpose of the app is simple - simply load it up, take a photo, play with a few dials and then before you know it there's your desired outcome - whether it be a new gender, a younger self, an older self - etc. You name it - FaceApp can do it.
Check it out today, it's one of those apps well worth downloading and spending a few minutes with!

Ghost Guide USA

Today's app of the day is Ghost Guide USA.

With Halloween fast approaching, there has never been a better time to learn about the 1000's haunted locations scattered all over the USA. No matter where in the States you call home, there will no doubt be something paranormal closer occurring closer than you may think.

With over 1000 haunted locations captured in Ghost Guide USA, plus over 900 high quality images of the haunted locations, there is hours of reading to be had on your phone or tablet. Importantly, if you have had any first hand experiences of the haunted locations, you can leave your own comments and stories, or email the developers if there are any locations that have been missed.

Once Ghost Guide USA is booted up, you will be presented an option to view the haunted locations either on a Map (which features fantastic Google Maps / location services integration), or as a list. One of the best things I like about this app is that the first time it is used, it automaticall…


Today's app of the day is DigiCal

For all Android users, the calendar is likely a commonly used application on their devices. Unfortunately, the default calendar offerings by Google are less than perfect, and many third party options feel clunky and far from perfect.

Luckily, DigiCal (or DigiCal+ if you do not like ads) has arrived, providing Android users with a great reason to switch their default calendar application. Starting up front, one of the best features of DigiCal is the variety of widgets available. For me, widgets are integral in any calendar application, and DigiCal features a variety of sizes and customisation abilities so users can chose their own individual look and feel. 
Widgets aside, the actual calendar itself is also very intuitive, with 5 views possible (day, week, agenda, month and list). One of the best features is landscape mode (see screenshots below), which allows you to have both a calendar and an agenda on the screen at the same time. This was a very use…

Emoze Secure Push Mail

Today's app of the day is Emoze Secure Push Mail.

There are plenty of email applications available on the Android platform, both first party or third party. These range in quality, but there are not many applications that manage to successful be a 'jack of all trades' in such a clean in efficient manner as Emoze Secure Push Mail.

In short, if you are after a feature packed email client, that provides you with the Security you need to protect your important corrospondence, then Emoze Secure Push Mail is for you.

One of the best features is to manage multiple email accounts from a single application. Have a gmail, hotmail then a work MS exchange account? These can all be synced seamlessly through Emoze Secure push mail, including intergration with your contacts, calendars and even folder structures.

Another great feature is the push notification support. This is hit and miss on many Android applications, but Emoze have nailed it, with push notifications working flawlessly on al…


Today’s app of the day is ScareCauldron.

With Halloween fast approaching, now is a great time to check out put some new Halloween apps on your Android device. If you are preparing your house for a Halloween party, preparing a great costume, or heading out trick or treating - this is the perfect app to add some great ambience to your theme.
Simply turn on your phone and place it into the corner of a room (or hook it up to a stereo) and, ScareCauldron can be left unattended for hours (subject to your phones battery life) playing scary sounds.

There are a variety of sounds, including general background ambience, but also one off scary sounds. Turn off the background ambience, and you will quickly have one off effects making your friends jump! If this isn’t enough - you can also give Haunt Mode and Mixing Mode a try.
In Mixing Mode (which really needs to be played with headphones or a surround sound home stereo), you drag ingredients around a screen, which causes the haunted sound effect to …

Battle Space

Today's app of the day is Battle Space.

If you have played the classic Hasbro game, Battleship, then you will feel right at home play Battle Space, a new spin off of the game by Pwnage Software. The concept is roughly the same, but Battle Space features a few innovative twists on the game, and great online features, that make it a worthy addition to your android device.

After booting up the game, users will be forced to login to the application to start playing. Conveniently, Battle Space features Facebook integration which makes signing in a breeze. For users not wanting to use Facebook, it is also possible to sign in using a generic username and password. Once logged in, there are a variety of game modes. The best place to start would probably be “Computer Training” which is essentially a single player mode verse computer AI. This will be a good way for new players to learn the ropes.

This brings us down to the actual gameplay. In its simplistic sense, it is identical to Battleship…


Today's app of the day is Numb3rs.

Numb3rs is a unique puzzle game, involving the turn based selection of numbers off a playing grid, in a challenge to generate the highest score. Each turn a player selects a number in either a vertical or horizontal row. That number is added to the players score.

After the player chooses a number, the 'axis' of the row (vertical or horizontal) switches, and the next player chooses a number. That is then added to their score. The game progresses until there are no numbers left and the player with the highest score wins.

On the first few play through, I admit that I was not convinced of the game-play mechanic behind Numb3rs, but after about 3 rounds, I began to see the strategy required, and the computer difficulty increased to a point where I had to start planning my moves in a more intelligent. Don't be mistaken, what at first seems like a rather arbitrary and skill-less game quickly turns into the complete opposite!

Once you have the bas…

Sketchy Snaps

Today's app of the day is Sketchy Snaps.

Sketchy Snaps is a new Android App that allows you to easily manipulate images, with a variety of preset effects. There 25 effects in total, ranging from sketch styles such as pencil, crayons, charcole, etc, but also including some great templates such as 'news' which make the image appear to be incorporated into a news article.

It really will be all about trial and error until you find some effects that suit the particular image you like. Images can be loaded up from your phones gallery, or taken directly from the camera.

Finally, once you have finished manipulating an image, it can be shared through available apps on your device, or saved locally for use at a later point in time. All in all, this is an excellent app, well worth the download. For free (albeit with a watermark), the price is definitely right!

See below for some examples of what you can do with Sketchy Snaps.

In the words of the developers:

Sketch your photos in more than …

Remote Launcher

Today's app of the day is Remote Launcher.

If you have ever been out and about, and wished that you could launch an application whilst you were not at your PC, then Remote Launcher is for you. One of the best examples (for me personally) that I can think of is when you leave the house for the day, then realise you forgot to turn on  your torrent application before leaving.

If this sounds familiar, then you should definitely check out Remote Launcher. In short, after a painless initial set up (which involves installing a lightweight server on your PC), you are easily able to add applications to a "Launchers" list. If you have any trouble with these steps, don't worry - the developer has created some great guidance material on their website to help even the most computer illiterate person get things up and running!

Once you have your Launcher list established, it is then just a case of opening the Android application and selecting the program you want to start. Other grea…