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Netflix and Android - chromecast, downloading, profiles - close to perfection!

Netflix and Android have always had a great relationship, but over recent years the app has really gone from strength to strength. The interface is fantastic and the feature set continues to grow in meaningful ways, making it one of my must-have apps.
The first example that comes to mind is obviously Chromecast support. Now this isn’t a Netflix exclusive option, and it is supported well in many media apps, but Netflix and Chromecast work so seamlessly well together that I struggle to think about how I survived before the pairing existed!
Next is the newly integrated ‘Download’ option, which allows users to download content and watch it on the go without a data connection.  Honestly, Netflix kicked it out of the park with this one – it could not be easier to use, it includes all the right settings (save to SD, definition quality control, etc) – and best of all it is all within the existing price brackets. I almost feel they could have charged extra for this service alone – but am ext…


Today's app of the day is Numb3rs.

Numb3rs is a unique puzzle game, involving the turn based selection of numbers off a playing grid, in a challenge to generate the highest score. Each turn a player selects a number in either a vertical or horizontal row. That number is added to the players score.

After the player chooses a number, the 'axis' of the row (vertical or horizontal) switches, and the next player chooses a number. That is then added to their score. The game progresses until there are no numbers left and the player with the highest score wins.

On the first few play through, I admit that I was not convinced of the game-play mechanic behind Numb3rs, but after about 3 rounds, I began to see the strategy required, and the computer difficulty increased to a point where I had to start planning my moves in a more intelligent. Don't be mistaken, what at first seems like a rather arbitrary and skill-less game quickly turns into the complete opposite!

Once you have the basic game-play strategy figured out, there are plenty of modes to explore, include a campaign mode (which in itself includes 3 sub modes), a championship mode where you compete to move up an online leaderboard, and a simple single player mode where you can hone your skills.

All in all, Numb3rs is an excellent game, and a great puzzler for the Android platform. Well worth checking out!

In the words of the developer:

Dive into the magical world of Numb3rs!
Numb3rs is an intelligent fun game that takes you to the magical world of numbers. The game has a turn-based tactical game-play, where each move you make affects the way your opponent will play, just like in chess.
Game features:
★ Championship
★ 6 Campaigns
★ 6 Difficulty Levels
★ Local and Global leader boards (by ScoreLoop)
★ Two visual and sound themes: Space & Wooden
★ Single Player (with a hot-seat mode option)
★ Your progress is saved as you play
Practice a single game and when you're ready, jump to the campaigns that will test your intelligence, speed and cautiousness. Each campaign has its own feature, which makes it incredibly interesting to play them over and over. Post your score and view your skill compared to other players around the world.
Let's see who is the master of Numb3rs!

Price: Free

An ad free version of the game is available here for 99 cents

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