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Microsoft is actually a great Android developer - 'To-Do' is another reason why!

It may seem suprising to some, but Microsoft is actually a fantastic Android developer. In fact, I'd go as far to saythat their app offerings for Android are far superior to than their offerings for the Windows App store. For starters the full suite of Microsoft Office apps are great, as is one drive and one note, and the Arrow App Launcher is actually one of the best custom android skins available (seriously - check it out!).

To round this out, over the last few days Microsoft has released 'To-Do' which as you've guessed it - is a to-do list. It really could not be simpler - the app allows the creation of lists and then as part of each list allows tasks and items to be added.

The design is simple and clean, and a nice move away from the boxy interface design that still dominates some of the earlier Windows apps for android. It's fast, lightweight, cloud based (of course) and has a widget - so there is not much more you could ask for!

Of course there is lots of co…


Today's app of the day is RobotFail

RoboFail is a fantastic on rails shooting game for Android devices, that at first deceives you with simplicity, but quickly amps up the difficulty to keep you coming back for more. The actual game play is very simple, and involves simply touching (well tapping) the screen where you would like to shoot your projectile. 

Your targets are a line of robots rolling off a conveyor belt. They are of varying colors and increase in speed as the levels increase in difficulty. The great part of this game is that you can't simply tap a robot in it's current location to register a hit - instead you have to predict where the robot will be by the time your projectile reaches the target area. If you are right you will be rewarded with a very satisfying crunch as a robot is obliterated into pieces.

This is where the physics of the game really shines. Not only are gravity and speed of the projectile launching impressive, but robots will literally smash into pieces, bounce off each other and hang precariously off the edge of the belt depending on how cleanly they are hit. There is real benefit in making sure that all the shrapnel of a robot is cleaned up (by shooting it off the belt), as shrapnel causes points to be lost. 

To add to the difficulty, only 'good' robots are allowed to pass off the edge of the screen (the green ones), with the defective red robots requiring destruction before they leave the factory. Get it wrong and again, you will lose points. Finally, although you only start being equipped with a catapult, you can gradually upgrade your weaponry (and the strength of that weaponry) to include lasers and explosive mines. 

The graphics and sound of RoboFail are top notch, and all over the presentation is close to perfect. Finally, there is plenty of content in RoboFail, so if you are after a physics based shooter with a twist, be sure to check it out. 

In the words of the developer:

The game combines the laws of physics with classic shooting game action and is easy to get to grips with, but once you have got going it can be fiendishly difficult and keeps you coming back for more!
The simple and hugely addictive gameplay guarantees hours and hours of joyful playing time. In RoboFail, players take the role of a destruction expert called in by the troubled management of a robot manufacturing plant. Due to the malfunction in the main assembly line, the plant is randomly churning out defective robots along with the regular ones.
The player is faced with a challenge: a conveyor belt is carrying a constant stream of robots to the packing area. He needs to pick the defective robots from the conveyor belt and blast them off into the jaws of the recycling unit below. At the same time, he must also ensure that the good robots pass unharmed. Unfortunately, with robots that explode on impact, armoured units and defective magnetic robots that can pull good robots with them, the challenge is not an easy one! The player can choose from an arsenal of “tools” fit for the job: a catapult, a laser or an explosive mine. These can also be upgraded by progressing through the levels and new challenges.

Price: $1.99

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