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Microsoft is actually a great Android developer - 'To-Do' is another reason why!

It may seem suprising to some, but Microsoft is actually a fantastic Android developer. In fact, I'd go as far to saythat their app offerings for Android are far superior to than their offerings for the Windows App store. For starters the full suite of Microsoft Office apps are great, as is one drive and one note, and the Arrow App Launcher is actually one of the best custom android skins available (seriously - check it out!).

To round this out, over the last few days Microsoft has released 'To-Do' which as you've guessed it - is a to-do list. It really could not be simpler - the app allows the creation of lists and then as part of each list allows tasks and items to be added.

The design is simple and clean, and a nice move away from the boxy interface design that still dominates some of the earlier Windows apps for android. It's fast, lightweight, cloud based (of course) and has a widget - so there is not much more you could ask for!

Of course there is lots of co…

RingTime Lite

Today's app of the day is RingTime Lite

Have you ever arrived at work, gone to a meeting and had your phone start ringing obnoxiously? Have you ever been just about to doze off to sleep, only to be awoken by a friend, or been woken at 3am by someone who has had a few too many drinks? Have you been at the shops getting groceries after work, only to miss a call from your husband / wife, and have to rush back once you get home to collect the things you missed?

If any of these scenarios sound at all familiar, then RingTime should be an essential install for your Android device. In short, RingTime allows you to schedule the functionality of your mobile ring. When you are at work, you can have it set to vibrate, at night you can set it to silent, and during home time you can set it to be blazingly loud so there is no chance you will miss a call.

This functionaly is great, but what really sets RingTime apart from the competition is the ability to schedule the control of other functions. A classic example is the ability to control Bluetooth. One of my pet hates is getting in the car then having to manually turn on Bluetooth functionality to utilise my hands-free system. With RingTime you can simply program in the usual times you drive to and from work, and your Bluetooth will automatically turn on and switch off as you have requested. This really saves a lot of time.

The same goes for wi-fi. With RingTime you can set your wi-fi to automatically activate at certain times, meaning that once you are home you will connect automatically to your local network instead of wasting data usage of the ordinary cellular networks.

Now, the developer is the first to admit that these functions do not re-invent the wheel, but what does set RingTime apart is just how simple and seamless the set-up and configuration is. In short, this is a slick app, with a great interface and should be a breeze for just about anyone to use.

All in all, RingTime is an excellent Android app, well worthy of your download.


 In the words of the devloper:

*** NEW*** A free ringer scheduler that saves you time and your battery.
What is RingTime?
RingTime is the most enhanced and feature rich ringer scheduler out on the market.
What is a ringer scheduler?
Ringer schedulers allow you to program the ringer on your phone to be at a specific volume at a certain time. Ringer schedulers are not alarms because it doesn't alert you at a certain time and ringer schedulers are not ringtones.
What are some things I can do with RingTime?
You can schedule it to go silent during work hours M-F from 9-5, to know when you are home based on your GPS location and turn wifi on, to vibrate only at the movies, to send unknown callers straight to voicemail, and more… see full list of features. app doesn’t seem unique, what makes it different?
RingTime isn’t reinventing the wheel but it’s like putting performance tires on your car with an easy to use interface, great features, and good support.
Try RingTime now!If you like the free lite version, you will love the pro version of RingTime Pro------------------------------------------------------------------Description
NEW! A free app that instantly enhances your phone's by automating your ringer capabilities. It can be used as a ring scheduler, nightly silencer or a way turn on your Bluetooth and Wifi settings by the time you get home.
Are you still manually setting your ringer at different times during the day?
Do you forget to silence your phone during meetings, classes or at the movies?
Are you forgetting to turn Wi-Fi on when you get home and burning data usage?
The RingTime app is here to help. With RingTime you can automate the ringer, Wifi and Bluetooth settings for certain times during the day, or put a timer on for a certain duration.Features of the lite version:
1. Quick Set. Similar to the Shush! app this feature allows you to quickly set your ringer for a certain duration. Example: You want the ringer to just vibrate for 2 hours while you are at the movies.
2. Schedule Set. Similar to the Ringer Scheduler app this feature allows you to schedule your phone's ringer for a later time.
3. 4 events can be created

General Features:
- Automate ringer volume + vibrate
- Automate Airplane Mode
- Automate Wifi Mode
- Automate Bluetooth Mode
- 1 Quick Set event can be used and constantly edited
- Main summary screen for your profile events
- Label profile events
- Schedule an event for a future date or use the days to repeat feature
- Set alerts by taskbar and/or popup
- Default Ringer setting (what to do when the profile event expires)
- Change font, font color, background and header color appearance
- Upload a background image or use your phone's background and show the live wallpaper
- and more...
To get you started:
3 default profile events have been created to get you up and running - Home, Work and Sleep.
You can edit them (tap or hold the selected profile event) or create new ones.
If you like this app, get the pro version for more advanced features
Follow on Twitter @RomarcDigital.
Known issues with certain devices: ---- Note: Developers can't respond to user reviews. Please use feedback feature to report bugs!***** Please Rate It If You Like It!Keywords: shush,ringer restorer,silent,vibrate, Timeriffic,Profile Scheduler ringer mode,Ringer Scheduler,Sweet Dreams, RingTime

Price: Free

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