Monday, December 10, 2012

Air Soccer Fever

Today's app of the day is Air Soccer Fever.

Air Soccer Fever is a great new casual soccer game for Android devices that provides real-time online multiplayer capabilities in one on one battles for the most goals. It has been a great success for the Windows platform, going as far as winning Microsoft competitions and being picked up by Sony as a showcase game for their latest table top hardware Sony Vaio Tap 20.
Luckily, it has recently been Android and released a beta version is now available on Google Play to try. After installing the app, it quickly became apparent to me why this has been so popular on the Windows mobile platform - in short, it is an excellent app!

Gameplay involves two players taking it in turn to swipe their ball into the opposing players goal. The amount of time available to take a shot is limited, so if you aren't paying attention the shot clock will run out and your opponent will get another shot. This may sound convoluted in practice, but the best way to think of it is as turn based pong. Trust me - it works brilliantly, and is a great demonstration of a simple concept, executed brilliantly. 

The real star though is the multiplayer capabilities, with the possibility of playing against friends in real time from all over the world. This is great fun, and with user profiles and leader boards on the way, it is only going to get better. The sound and graphics are great and crisp, topping off a well rounded package. Download it now. 

In the words of the developer:

Play online multiplayer soccer against anyone using Android or Windows Phone
"An excellent app - Editor's Choice from"
Air Soccer Fever is the hit casual soccer game from Windows platform. It provides real-time online multiplayer gameplay across Windows Phone, Windows 8 and now Android. WARNING: This is a beta version for Android and may have bugs that we are working through. We strongly recommend you go through the help screens to understand the mechanics of the gameplay. You can play 1 player against the device, 2 player on the same device, local tournament and online multiplayer with anyone in the world. Please use WiFi Internet for online matches, 3G may not work well. We are working on user profile, leaderboards, achievements etc. After successful testing of local and online gameplay, we will release v1.0 with the missing features. So please give it a try and send us feedback so we can improve it and give you a chance to deliver virtual humiliation to your online opponents.

Price: Free