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FaceApp - despite the controversy there's a reason it is popular!

FaceApp is high in the ranks of then Google Play store at the moment, and despite the controversies of white-washing, there's a reason. In short, it's really fun, simple to use and an all round well-designed app that has some great filters and effects.
The purpose of the app is simple - simply load it up, take a photo, play with a few dials and then before you know it there's your desired outcome - whether it be a new gender, a younger self, an older self - etc. You name it - FaceApp can do it.
Check it out today, it's one of those apps well worth downloading and spending a few minutes with!

Flight Gear

Today's app of the day is Flight Gear.

If you are a pilot (or somehow otherwise involved in the aviation industry), then an app such as Flight Gear is bound to be useful! I am sure that there is a time and a place for highly calibrated, expensive aviation gadgetry, but with the ability to replace all those tools for the price of a coffee, you really cannot go wrong!
In the spirit of full disclosure, the closest I have got to being behind the wheel of a flying machine was standing in a cockpit of a 747 when air stewards use to allow small kids to talk to the pilots for a few seconds on long haul flights (back in a more innocent age). What this means is I have absolutely no idea what most of the tools within Flight Gear actually do. Regardless, if they perform as they say on the packaging, then the developer has surely kicked a home goal with this app.
What I can tell you, is that the app looks and appears to work wonderfully. I have not tested this in the air, but if the screen shots…

Battery Alert

Today's app of the day is Battery Alert.

If you like being aware of your phone’s battery levels (and admit it, it is pretty important these days with phones often needing multiple charges in any given 24 hour period for heavy users), then you will no doubt find Battery Alert to be a very useful Android App.

In short, Battery Alert keeps you updated (in almost every conceivable way) about the status of your mobile devices battery. In fact, I struggle to think of any more ways this app could let you know of your phones battery levels, short of your device sprouting legs, climbing your arm and tapping you on the shoulder.
The types of notifications this app is capable of when you battery hits a certain level includes:

·Voice Alerts (your phone yelling at you);
·Tone Alert (your phone playing a ring tone); and
·Email Alerts (yes, the app can email you and tell you to charge it);

And if that isn’t enough, the app also can display widgets in every conceivable place on your device, including ho…

Australia News

Today's app of the day is Australia News.

Happy Australia Day! To celebrate, please enjoy the latest app from Mantis Apps for FREE - Australia News! Featuring all the best news sources from Australia at your fingertips, this is a must have app for any Australian Android User.

Check it out!

In the words of the developer:

Your single stop for all the Australian news you could need.
Featuring news from: -
- ABC News
- the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH)
- The Age
- WA Today
- NT News
- The Mercury
- The Courier Mail
- Adelaide Now Features include - RSS Feeds of all the news sources
- App2SD DOWNLOAD NOW: Australia News Price: Free

Whos Who?

Today's app of the day is Whos Who?

Whos Who? is a great android game by an up and coming developer, that takes the classic game of 'celebrity heads' and turns it into a single player Android gaming experience.

The concept is simple. Players get to ask a variety of questions of the game, such as Gender, Profession, Nationality, Living or Dead and birth date. On top of that, players get three hints to help get the correct answer.

From there, it is really up to the player themselves - you can persevere and keep guessing, or eventually, if you get too frustrated you can pass and move onto the next round. The less guesses and hints you use, the higher your score will be.

The user interface in this game is simple yet effective, with the text easy to read and the menu’s responsive. Loading time is non-existence, making the entire experience smooth and enjoyable. All in all, this is an excellent Android app. Check it out!

In the words of the developer:

Know a lot about the Whos-Who …

Join Drops - File Sharing

Today's app of the day is Join Drops.

Have you ever been hanging out with friends and wanted to quickly be able to send them a picture from your device? Of course you could always email it, but then their ability to retrieve the file will depend on their email client, and also their technical 'savy-ness' when it comes to saving and retrieving files from a folder on their device. There is also the issue of typing in long email addresses, etc. You could always facebook message the image to them, but then that limits their ability to easily use the file at a later point in time.

Luckily, the bright sparks at the Join Drops team, have created a great new Android Application - Join Drops - to help make sharing pictures among friends far easier. Once two or more friends have Join Drops installed, the sharing process could not be simpler. Simply select your file, then whilst in a close proximity to each other, shake your phone (or touch the backs of your phones together).

Upon shaki…

Ninepin Bowling

Today's app of the day is Ninepin Bowling.

There are plenty of bowling games for Android devices, but I am yet to experience one with the realism of Ninepin Bowling. Everything from the graphics, to the physics, the actual bowling motions and even the look of the bowling room / alley has been perfectly replicated in this well polished android app.
Gameplay is as would be expected in a bowling game, with the app presenting a variety of options for gaming, such as the number of player (up to 9), the number of rounds, and the number of balls per round. 
The actual bowling motion involves flicking your finger down the alley, with the flick directed towards the pins you want to hit. In my experience the control scheme is simple but responsive and ensures there is a sufficient degree of skill involved to make competitive play worthwhile. 
All in all, this is an excellent bowling simulation, well worth an install on your Android device! 

In the words of the developer:

The ultimate fun with Nin…


Today's app of the day is Flashteroids.

Flashteroids is a great new game by new developer, RBBRDCKYBK, based on the classic arcade game - Asteroids. The classic game play mode involves staying alive for as long as possible, but variety is thrown in by the ability to collect power-ups to assist in your enemy destroying mission.

The graphics and controls in Flashteroids are great,with some excellent 3D effects that will really push the processing power of your device. Uniquely, the game uses your devices accelerometeras part of the control, which is implemented well and really adds to the experience.

All in all, if you got a newer device which can handlethe graphics requirements for this game, you should  check it out - a great Android app! With a current 5 star rating, it is hard to go past Flashteroids!

In the words of the developer:

Action-packed space shooter loosely based on the classic Asteroids. Collect power-ups to enhance your ship while destroying a variety of enemies in a full…