Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Color and Learn: Sea Animals

Today's app of the day is Color and Learn: Sea Animals

Color and Learn: Sea Animals is a great educational application for children that will both keep them entertained, but also teach them about colors, whilst honing their creativity and fine motor skills.

To color in the pictures, children do not need to have finger perfect precision - all they need to do it rib their fingers across the screen and the application will do the hard task of keeping within the lines. Users have the freedom of choosing colors for the image, and then best of all, animating the character. I'd imagine children would love seeing their own painted creations come to life and swim across the screen.

Color and Learn is simple to use, with an easy interface and bright vivid colors. The sounds are also great, and will no doubt appeal to younger children. Pictures can also be saved, for easy sharing with friends, or for setting as wallpapers, etc.

There are plenty of pictures to choose from, meaning that even the most ambitious 'painter' should keep occupied by this app. With the ability to operate on both phones and tablets, this is a recommended install for anyone with young children.


In the words of the developer:

Oceans cover two thirds of our planet and they are teeming with sea animals. From fish to sharks and whales, to crabs and octopuses to microscopic algae, marine wildlife is highly diverse and contains the highest amount of life on Earth.

This educational sea animals game teaches children not only about primary colors and how they blend to create new colors, but they also develop fine motor skills and precision while enjoying animated coloring book pages containing these magnificent sea creatures! Kids of all ages will have so much fun with this coloring book game. Functions:
* Bring creatures to life with the animation feature, and watch them swim across the screen.
* Drawing with fingers/finger-painting.
* Simple coloring.
* Saving coloring sheets.
* Send to function will allow you to share colored images.
* Coloring book runs on phones and tablets.

Contents: ocean animals coloring pages for kids, sea animals activities, marine animals coloring pages, starfish, dolphins, sea turtles, puffer fish, crabs, and other sea life coloring pages.

Price: Free