Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fruit Shoot

Today's app of the day is Fruit Shoot.

Fruit Shoot is a great new android game that involves using your archery abilities to shoot fruit of the head of your opponents. At its core, this is a simple “pull back and shoot” style game, where you need to take into account the distance of your opponent, and the effects of gravity on the arrow. To assist you, a variety of power ups are available, all of which make the power of your arrows more destructive, or the accuracy of your shots easier to determine.

There are two primary modes, one being a standard challenge mode that involves progressing through over 90 levels, and the second being a vs mode, where two players can confront each other on a single device, taking pot shots at each other in a turn based manner. You can think of it as simplified worms.

 All in all, this an addictive game that looks great and plays even better, Well worth checking out.

In the words of the developer:

Fruit Shoot is the best archery game ever! Use the bow and the arrows to hit the fruits placed on the head of the little cute bears, brave soldiers and evil dragons!
Shooting an apple off one's head is a feat of marksmanship with a bow. How far can you shoot? Are you as good as Robin Hood? Now grab bow and arrow and try to hit the fruits on the head of the cute buddies in this most insanely addictive adventure game!Game Features:
- Hours and hours of engaging gameplay of Challenge mode and V.S. mode
- Explore 90 levels in 3 iconic locations (Indian, Sparta, Viking)
- Outstanding graphics and beautifully detailed backgrounds
How to Play:
- Touch anywhere on the screen
- Drag the dotted line to adjust the angle and power
- Release to shoot

Price: Free