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Netflix and Android - chromecast, downloading, profiles - close to perfection!

Netflix and Android have always had a great relationship, but over recent years the app has really gone from strength to strength. The interface is fantastic and the feature set continues to grow in meaningful ways, making it one of my must-have apps.
The first example that comes to mind is obviously Chromecast support. Now this isn’t a Netflix exclusive option, and it is supported well in many media apps, but Netflix and Chromecast work so seamlessly well together that I struggle to think about how I survived before the pairing existed!
Next is the newly integrated ‘Download’ option, which allows users to download content and watch it on the go without a data connection.  Honestly, Netflix kicked it out of the park with this one – it could not be easier to use, it includes all the right settings (save to SD, definition quality control, etc) – and best of all it is all within the existing price brackets. I almost feel they could have charged extra for this service alone – but am ext…

Join Drops - File Sharing

Today's app of the day is Join Drops.

Have you ever been hanging out with friends and wanted to quickly be able to send them a picture from your device? Of course you could always email it, but then their ability to retrieve the file will depend on their email client, and also their technical 'savy-ness' when it comes to saving and retrieving files from a folder on their device. There is also the issue of typing in long email addresses, etc. You could always facebook message the image to them, but then that limits their ability to easily use the file at a later point in time.

Luckily, the bright sparks at the Join Drops team, have created a great new Android Application - Join Drops - to help make sharing pictures among friends far easier. Once two or more friends have Join Drops installed, the sharing process could not be simpler. Simply select your file, then whilst in a close proximity to each other, shake your phone (or touch the backs of your phones together).

Upon shaking you will be prompted to enter a 4 digit confirmation code. Once entered the files will start freely flowing between the two devices, available for the recipient to use and share at their will. Best of all, Join Drops includes a convenient 'inbox' allowing you to see everything you have received to date.

No email addresses are required to get Join Drops up and running - as I stated, once installed you are ready to go without any further set up. It really could not be simpler. Join Drops not only works, but it does so in a stylish manner. The interface is excellent, and will be a breeze to navigate for anyone. In short, if you want to share pictures with friends in a no fuss manner, Join Drops is for you.

All in all, this is an excellent Android app!


In the words of the developer:

Join Drops App is a secure and simple file sharing application which allows you to share files from your smartphone without needing any email addresses or account creation. You can share files with your friends either by shaking your phone or using Android Beam (NFC Near Field Communication) technology in your smartphone.
You and your friends need to be in the location in order to share files.
It is very simple to use and all your content are shared via secure channel. There is a nice tutorial that explains how the file sharing works in the app.
No email addresses or account creation are required to use the Join Drops App.
If you like the Join Drops App and want more features, please contact us using the email address in the Info view.
Please visit us at for further details.
"An excellent app - Editor's Choice from"

Price: Free

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