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FaceApp - despite the controversy there's a reason it is popular!

FaceApp is high in the ranks of then Google Play store at the moment, and despite the controversies of white-washing, there's a reason. In short, it's really fun, simple to use and an all round well-designed app that has some great filters and effects.
The purpose of the app is simple - simply load it up, take a photo, play with a few dials and then before you know it there's your desired outcome - whether it be a new gender, a younger self, an older self - etc. You name it - FaceApp can do it.
Check it out today, it's one of those apps well worth downloading and spending a few minutes with!


Today's app of the day is ChessSetArt.

Apple immortalized the saying "there is an app for that", and nothing rings truer almost 5 years later as you realize the breadth, depth and obscurity of some of the apps in the Google Play store. I have written a lot of reviews about apps that appeal to users with very specific interests in the past, but with ChessSetArt I think I may have reached a new level of focus. Is it a bad thing? Not at all, because at the end of the day ChessSetArt is a great app that you may be surprised to enjoy!

In short, ChessSetArt is an app purely devoted to the quite impressive craftsmanship that goes into making a chess set. Not just any old chess set, but ones with beautifully carved pieces made out of obscure materials over move than half a millenia.

The way this app showcases that quite focuses, but still incredibly large subject matter, is through 25 professionally recorded mini-documentaries on each set. The documentaries do not stop at just talk…

Wide Mouth Frog Storybook Free

Today's app of the day is Wide Mouth Frog Storybook Free.

Wide Mouth Frog is an interactive story book that offers a great experience for both kids, and their parents alike. I have not delved too deeply into the world of interactive books before, but being one of my first forays, Wide Mouth Frog impressed.
The reader is presented firstly with a simple clean menu, where there is a choice to either reads the book, or play a simple arcade game. The core element of this product is of course the book, and it is great.
The illustrations and animations are bright and colorful, and the narrator reads at a good, clear pace. One element I am sure kids will love is the interactivity of the animations. Touch the frog and he croaks, touch a flower and it moves, etc. I am sure kids will find countless hours of surprises in this book!
Not only is this a great entertainment tool, but for slightly older children it is also a great form of education, as words can be touched to be spoken out loud. This …

Go Figure (Kindle Edition)

Today's app (well actually an eBook, optimised for Kindle Devices) of the day is Go Figure.

The book was created by author, Dennis Young, to encourage creativity with both adults and young kids alike. As adults, it is all to easy to forger that there are not rigid rules in place for all aspects of living. The author's vision, is that by reading the book with your kids, you will see what their imaginations come up with to describe the work on every page.

What sets this book apart from the pack is the artwork. It is very quirky and worth checking out! It is obviously not the work of a professional artist, but I think that is what really sets it apart, and possibly, makes it so much easier for kids to relate to as it tests the limits of their imagination.

All in all, if you have any young kids and want to encourage some creative thinking and discussion, check out this eBook!

With positive reviews starting to flow in, now is a good time to give Go Figure a read:

She is very good at ma…

Beat the Beast

Today's app of the day is Beat the Beast.

Beat the Beast is a great tower defense for Android devices. Unlike 'generic' tower defense games in which terrain, and actual towers guide enemies across a level, in Beat the Beast the path has already been set by the game designers, allowing users to spend more time thinking strategically about tower placements and upgrades.

Tower placement has also been restricted to key locations along the path, so on the face of it, Beat the Beast may sound like a very stripped back strategy game. This view would be incorrect, as although I was not controlling the specific location of tower placement, the game focuses more on giving users a wide variety of upgrades and the use of magical powers.

I actually enjoyed the paired back gameplay, and found that there was no lack of depth and strategy as a result. Topping it off, the graphics and sounds in this game are fantastic, with crisp 3D visuals that look amazing on both phones and tablets alike.


Checkin Reminder

Today’s app of the day is Checkin Reminder.

As any Foursquare user will be able to relate to, the most difficult learning curve of the Social Network is simply remembering to use it. In today's hectic world of social networks and notifications, it can often be difficult to keep on top of the plenitude of applications that are screaming for your attention and asking you to check in, rate or comment about a location or venue.

To help work around this problem, the developers of Checkin Reminder have created an Android application that utilises a smart algorithm to notify users when they arrive or stop at specific locations, all with the goal of encouraging users to check in with Foursquare. 

You could imagine this would be a problem, as check in points exist literally everywhere  meaning your phone may be constantly beeping, but luckily a unique feature of Checkin Reminder is that its detection is very accurate, with the GPS only utilised intelligently, saving both battery life and your…

The Inspired Living Application is going viral


·There is nothing else like it out on the market right now. This is the first of it’s kind! ·Timing is key here! ·It is being offered as a network marketing opportunity ·This is available throughout the world. HUGE! (Only in English at this time) ·No obstacle to join. It is something anyone can afford with it’s low cost of $9.95/month ·No risk involved. You can cancel at any time. ·No recruiting requirements ·Can make money without recruiting (a slower passive source of income) ·It pays out in many ways ·Average people can increase their monthly incomes ·No requirements (other than maintaining your membership) to get paid

What is the Inspired Living Application?
A professionally produced, high-quality personal development application that will be available on smart phones, iPhones and other mobile devices.For those who do not have these devices, it will be available on a PC.Each week a video (approximately 9 minutes in length) will become available that will offer content that will be useful …

Sweep Texting

Today's app of the day is Sweep Texting.

Sweep Texting is the second application by developer Flight Gear that I have recommended on Droid App of the Day, and their run of quality apps continues.

Sweep Texting takes a simple concept and executes it with near perfection. In short, Swipe Texting serves as a simple pop up notification system for SMS messages you receive on your Android device. What makes it stand apart from the competition, is that instead of having to drag down press buttons to cause the notification to appear, a user simply needs to swipe their hand in front of the device - in the air - with no contact on the screen.

Sounds strange at first, but it is incredibly intuitive. Once the notification box is open, it is a simple task to reply to the message, view it in full, or hide it to be responded to later (i.e. keeping it in the notification panel). FInally, there are plenty of customisations, meaning the look and feel of the app can be entirely to your suiting.

With the…


Today's app of the day is Five4Now.

Five4Now is an great new app from developer, 54 Bells. The objective o Five4Now is to be a new national main street - allowing users to avoid mediocre consumer experiences, and only spend their time in quality establishments. Of course, the ratings of shops are entirely at the mercy of users who have the ability to rate their experiences.

It has not taken long for users of the app to began singing their its praise, with reviews such as:

"I'll be using this app constantly. Makes me feel like a native, no matter where I am" 

"Excellent App. Have used it several times. Great for the business traveler"

The application itself has a great user interface, with quick loading times and a smart integration of Google Maps technology. Places can be easily browsed by categories  meaning that finding a venue is a real breeze. As the number of users increase, so will the number of ratings and reviews, making this download a real no brainer.



Today's app of the day is PrintJinni

If you are a traveller, work from your mobile device, or are away from your office constantly, then no doubt you have felt the need to print something directly from your phone or tablet without the need to jump onto a computer and transfer files. With PrintJinni you can easily print to a variety of printers without the need for a PC, drivers and cables. A wide array of documents and formats are supported, making printing everything from family photos to complex work documents a breeze.  Of course, not all printers will work, but once you find one that is Bonjour®/SNMP-enabled printers/All-in-Ones/MFPs with Wi-Fi support or accessible on a Wi-Fi network - you will not have to connect to a computer at all! In addition to popular formats being supported, emails can also be printed, along with webpages and even captures from your favourite apps or services such as Facebook, Snapfish, Google+ and Instagram.
This truly is mobile printing at its best, an…