Friday, February 8, 2013


Today's app of the day is Five4Now.

Five4Now is an great new app from developer, 54 Bells. The objective o Five4Now is to be a new national main street - allowing users to avoid mediocre consumer experiences, and only spend their time in quality establishments. Of course, the ratings of shops are entirely at the mercy of users who have the ability to rate their experiences.

It has not taken long for users of the app to began singing their its praise, with reviews such as:

"I'll be using this app constantly. Makes me feel like a native, no matter where I am" 

"Excellent App. Have used it several times. Great for the business traveler"

The application itself has a great user interface, with quick loading times and a smart integration of Google Maps technology. Places can be easily browsed by categories  meaning that finding a venue is a real breeze. As the number of users increase, so will the number of ratings and reviews, making this download a real no brainer.

In short, if you want to stop wasting your time and began maximising the dollars you spend, check out Five4Now, and start to rediscover quality.


In the words of the developer:

Ever wish you didn’t have to sift through so many mediocre results when trying to find a product or service nearby? With Five4Now, you have the power. With a tap of the screen you can find the best of the best in hundreds of categories. The best food. The best shopping. The best doctor. The best, period.
How do we know you will only get the best of the best? Because our best businesses are rated by you - and others like you - who are tired of compromising. Don’t settle for second best; Demand Five4Now.

Price: Free