Friday, July 5, 2013

The Best Insults App

Today's app of the day is The Best Insults App.

In my opinion, there are times when nothing is more appropriate than a sarcastic put down, or even a genuine insult. Even better, there are times when insults are completely inappropriate, which ultimately, makes them even better yet again!

If you get my vibe, then The Best Insults App is for you, featuring only the best insults available broken into easy to choose categories. Read them, memorize them and never be left in a situation again where you will not be able to respond with something witty, funny, and devastatingly insulting.

The interface is clean, and colorful with no loading times and easy to read text. Navigation is a breeze, making the app great to use in any light, or in any situations - a bar, a bus, at uni or work, there is never a situation where it is not worthwhile to have a good insult primed and ready to go.

All in all, an excellent Android app! If you have a sense of humor, this is for you!

In the words of the developer:

The best insults app on the market! Install now for free!
Have fun insulting your friends or enemies :) The Best Insults App is made just for fun, we don't recommend to insult anyone.
* only the best insults and comebacks, not less, not more
* share insults with your friends from the app
* high-contrast color scheme designed for outdoors
* easy to use on the go
We update this app regularly with the newest insults and comebacks.