Sunday, August 25, 2013

2 Remember Memories in Memory

Today's Android app of the day is 2 Remember.

There are plenty of great note taking or task creation apps for Android devices. Examples like Evernote or Google Keep jump immediately to mind, but there are plenty more. Unfortunately, they are all quite basic in their functionality, and only allow the capturing of the most rudimentary notes or 'memories',

2 Remember tries to change this, taking the basic memory or note taking functionality of many apps, but enhancing it in every way, allowing for the capture of not just photos, text, video and audio, but also the people involved, location and events at that time.

After 2 Remember is installed you can happy ditch every other note or thought taking application on your device, as 2 Remember really does cover the entire field. Whether it be taking notes in a class, scanning complex documents or receipts for safe storage, organizing trips, storing shopping lists, keeping audio notes of your thoughts - there is no form of 'memory' or idea that can not be stored in 2 Remember.

On top of exhaustive functionality, 2 Remember is also very simple to use with an interface that guides you through the memory input process through promoting boxes, such as 'when?', 'where', 'with', and 'what?' The interface is smooth, allowing for the focus to be on inputting information, rather than guiding through complex menus or slow interfaces.

Finally, memories can be easily shared with friends, searched, filtered or visualized through great search functionality and a timeline / map to show when and where memories were entered. All in all, this is an excellent android app, well worth the install. Check it out today! 

In the words of the developer:

Enhance your memory, increase your productivity - use 2Remember to create complex memories. Remember everything - not just photos, pictures, text, video and audio, but also the people involved, location and events at that time. Memorize on the go! See use cases below -->

• The problem
- Too many things to remember and keep too many places to save them…
- No common way or place to keep important things
- Often we cannot recall specific memory in the right time

• The Solution
- 2Remember will help you to create complex memories
- 2Remember the "whole picture" - not just photos, text, video and audio, but also the people involved, location and events at that time
- Keep meetings, memos, ideas, documents, business, work, lists, licenses, certificates, ID cards, diplomas, prescriptions, warranty cards, tax notices, bills, contracts, tickets, travel docs and many more
- Store photos, videos, audio notes, text notes and documents of your private and professional life
- Share memories with family, friends and colleagues
- 2Remember quickly describe and easily discover multitude of memories through years, locations, contacts and meaning
- 2Remember organize and visualize thousands of memories over the map and on a timeline
- Powerful search within locations, events, persons (contacts) and tags (key words)
- 2Remember securely keeps memories in your smartphone/tablet or in Mokobi Memory Server (Pro version)
- Free and fully functional
- We do not analyze your memories in order to show ads

• Au2Remember: Automatically remembers today:
- Phone Calls – In/Out/Missed/Rejected (record when and where)
- SMS – Sent/Received/Content (remember when and where)
- New events in your calendar (remember when the event was created)
>>> Improve the organization of your business and personal life! <<<

• 2Remember Use Cases
- Meeting and class memos – Remember each sketch, text, picture, audio and text note of your meetings and classes. Share with participants
- Take rich format notes
- Digital copy of important documents - Shoot images of your: ID cards, licenses, certificates, deeds, warranty cards, insurance policy, contracts, offers etc. Keep them always with you, use or share if necessary
- Improve real estate search with multimedia memories
- Organize trips – keep everything related in a single container – reservations, passports, tickets, insurance
- Take audio notes on the go – never miss an idea, add multimedia – text, photos and video
- Keep close offers, invoices, customer correspondence and contacts, contracts and everything related to your business activities
- Keep bills, invoices, receipts from your holiday and business trips, mileage counters - great for claiming expenses back
- Store business cards, street addresses, interesting objects – great if you want to process them later
- Keep photos of any prescription medicines you take
- Remember the lids of paint tins in case you need to do some touch ups
- Recall on time important documents related to your car, home, work - replacing supplies at certain mileage or time renewal of contracts, insurance and subscriptions

• Platforms supported
Android [2.2+]; iOS (soon)

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