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FaceApp - despite the controversy there's a reason it is popular!

FaceApp is high in the ranks of then Google Play store at the moment, and despite the controversies of white-washing, there's a reason. In short, it's really fun, simple to use and an all round well-designed app that has some great filters and effects.
The purpose of the app is simple - simply load it up, take a photo, play with a few dials and then before you know it there's your desired outcome - whether it be a new gender, a younger self, an older self - etc. You name it - FaceApp can do it.
Check it out today, it's one of those apps well worth downloading and spending a few minutes with!

Top poker sites to play Poker on Android

Below is a straight forward and easy to follow guide showing you just how easy it is to play poker on any Android device, just follow this guide and in no time you will be playing any of your favourite poker variants such as Texas Hold ‘Em poker in no time! There are loads of apps that offer poker features on the Android platform, however, to ensure that you’re truly getting the best deal, only go with the top online casinos and those that are best known. If you’re struggling to choose, take a walk down your high street, and take a look at the bookies there. Quite often these businesses do have apps and separate arms to the business offering slots, bingo, blackjack, poker and even full blown casinos!  Have a look at the article written by Adrian Sterne from to look at the poker websites that have android apps. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you simply have to sign in or sign up if you are a new customer. The registration is quick and simple, and once…

Eta Lego

Today's app of the day is Eta Lego.

Eta Lego is an interesting new drawing game whereby users can create images (see examples below) using nothing a series of horizontal coloured blocks. Blocks range from 1 square a piece, to 6 squares long, and there are 12 different colours available.

Users 'draw' by creating their block in the upper row of the palette, then dragging it onto the black canvas. The canvas can be zoomed in and out using standard multi touch controls with is a nice addition, allowing you to precisely place pieces.

It sounds like a pretty basic toolset, but it is amazing the quality of images that can be created with enough patience. Check out the rose below as a great example. Once an image has been created it can easily be saved and shared with friends. A very interesting concept, well worth exploring. Check it out!

 In the words of the developer:

Make drawings with etalego.
You can create pieces with different size and color using the upper line of the palette. …

Hoedown Lite

Today's app of the day is Hoedown Lite.

HOEDOWN is a Fast Paced Gold Mining App like no other. HOEDOWN places you in the midst of a Real Live Gold Rush in which you must use your tapping skills to harvest the gold. The 50 Level HOEDOWN and 5 Level HOEDOWN LITE feature an Old West Theme and foot stomping Banjo Music and Rusty Rails the Miner who yells HOEDOWN amongst other things while playing. The object of the game is to help your old friend Rusty Rails the Miner and tap on the gold and falling bonus objects (like the Cupcakes or Cherries) and to avoid the bad objects like the Dynamite Crates and Skeleton Bombs. 

No two levels of HOEDOWN are the same because of the Dynamic Psychedelic backgrounds that add to the fun of this unique game. The western themed backgrounds will warp in and out of focus or spin or move side to side. Certain levels even feature the scary Skeleton Strobe too. To make it to level 50 in the Full Hoedown App is a real accomplishment considering HOEDOWN's d…

True Love Quotes

Today's app of the day is True Love Quotes. 
True Love Quotes is another great app in a long string of quotation applications that I have recently reviewed. The format is similar to other apps I have reviewed, with the ability to quickly flick through random quotes and to easily share the quote with friends. The interface is clean and sharp, the quotes are easy to read, the colour scheme is pleasant and the entire experience simply 'works'. 
This sort of app would be perfect for speeches at weddings, engagement parties or anniversaries. For the more hopeless romantic's out there, put a quote on the card to a bunch of flowers and you will no doubt be in the good books with your significant other. If you are ever in need of some romantic words, then look no further. 
All in all, a great Android quotation app - worth checking out. 

In the words of the developer:
It all begins with the words. But the words have to be pleasant. Words must be touching and amazing. True Love Quote…

My Virtual Girlfriend Free

Today's app of the day is My Virtual Girlfriend Free.

Growing up in the 90's, every kid at my school went through the phase of owning a virtual pet, or a Tamagotchi. Their game-play was simple yet addictive, and involved keeping your pet alive by performing a variety of activities in the form of mirco-games, such as feeding, playing and training. In short, the more time you spent with your virtual pet, the longer they lived and the happier they were.

Jump forward 20 years, and this same concept has transitioned onto smartphones, but with an entirely different subject matter. Gone are pixelated cats, dogs or dinosaurs, and in their place are busty virtual girlfriends, complete with star and stripes swimsuits and sexy lingerie. Yes, you are reading right - welcome to the realm of the 'virtual girlfriend'. If this sounds interesting, then keep reading, as My Virtual Girlfriend will be right up your alley.

The concept behind My Virtual Girlfriend is simple. You "create&q…

Love Quotes

Today's app of the day is Love Quotes.

Let's face it, for the average guy (and girl our there) - being romantic can sometimes be difficult. It is hard to create genuine romantic moments without feeling like you are re-enacting a rom-com or speaking from a hallmarks gift card. My advice - who cares! I say grab that bull by the horns and embrace every possible romantic cliché that exists - including reciting or writing down some romantic sayings for your partner.

To make this task even easier - check out Love Quotes. It will dish out a never ending (at least it feels like it) supply of 'lovely' sayings to melt even the coldest of hearts. Chuck these bad boys on a few notes around the house and you will be in the good books for sure - put it in a card or under an fragment ring and you will truly seal the deal!

DOWNLOAD NOW Love Quotes Price: Free

Best Quotes

Today's app of the day is Best Quotes.

Day 5 of 8 in my quote application marathon, and welcome Best Quotes to the Droid App of the Day quote application hall of fame - what an honour! As you might have guessed, Best Quotes features a great selection of the best quotes around, across all subject matters and styles. The app features an easy mechanism to scroll through the various quotes, and includes great sharing functionality!

If you are after a simple, no frills app where you can easily read some of the most outstanding quote around, then check out Best Quotes!

DOWNLOAD NOW Best Quotes Price: Free

Lil Wayne Quotes

Today's app of the day is Lil Wayne Quotes.

If I haven't said it already, there is literally a quote app to suit every possible style or subject matter imaginable. That includes a quote application dedicated to the musings of Lil Wayne. I never thought I would bring myself to say this, but some his quotes aren't half bad, so if you are even slightly curious check it out.

As always, simplicity rules the day when it comes to the actual app itself which is fast, simple, and works like a charm.

DOWNLOAD NOW Lil Wayne Quotes Price: Free

Funny Quotes

Today's app of the day is Funny Quotes.

So the last few days have been quite serious in their quote application recommendations - whereas every now and then you just want to make people laugh, or have a good laugh yourself. If this sounds up your alley, then check out Funny Quotes!

There are limitless situations where some funny words can hit the mark, whether it be weddings, birthdays, office speeches, etc - the possibilities for utilising some humerus words of wisdom are limitless. Perfect for breaking the ice and getting any audience on your side, a good laugh whilst having a god think never hurt anyone!

If this sounds familiar or you can relate then download Funny Quotes today!

DOWNLOAD NOW Funny Quotes Price: Free

Quotes about Life

Today's app of the day is Quotes about Life.

Day number 3 of my journey through a selection of great quotation apps on Google Play brings me to Quotes about Life, which as you guessed, is an app that features a selection quotes about life. Feeling philosophical and want to ponder existence? Then boot up the app over a glass of red wine, and sit there reading, your hand quizzically poised on your chin.

Again, a simple, no frills app that does exactly what is states on the tin. Check it out!

DOWNLOAD NOW Quotes about Life Price: Free

Friend Quotes

Today's app of the day is Friend Quotes.

Day 8 of my quote app marathon, and what a better way to finish than with an app all about friends! What else are friends really for, other than to sit around and tell each other - through the form of quotations - how important they really are to you! I know my group of friends would have little to do if it were not for such a past time! Luckily we all installed Friend Quotes on our android devices, and now the process of finding some friendly flattery has never been easier!
In all seriousness though, this is another great quotation app, including the excellent sharing functionality that I mentioned in my previous recommendations this and last week. All in all a fantastic quote application to round out 8 days that have been packed with quality apps. Check it out now!

DOWNLOAD NOW Friend Quotes Price: Free

Sympathy Quotes

Today's app of the day is Sympathy Quotes.

There are times when sometimes, a few poignant words a needed, and your own thoughts just don't seem quite right. If you have ever been in such a situation, then Sympathy Quotes is the app for you! Whether it be writing cards, speaking at a funeral, or a variety of other events - it can always be special to be able to include a few appropriate words.

As with yesterday's app, sharing is simple and the functionality is exactly as you would expect. All in all - a great app!

Sympathy Quotes DOWNLOAD NOW Price: Free

Want to sync like a boss?

I download a lot of things from the net for transfer to my phone. Whether it be movies, music, comics, ebooks, audio books  TV shows, pictures, APK files and magazines - I download them all for us on my phone and tablet. In the past this was always a tiresome process, involving downloading the files, then plugging the phone into the computer, copying the files over, then storing them somewhere locally on the computer. I personally found this entire process really tiresome, so set out to automate and solve the process. 

Of course there are plenty of cloud storage solutions, but I wanted a solution that would allow me to sync full folders between my PC and phone - not just in the cloud but in actual files downloaded (if that makes sense). Thanks to the freedoms of Android - my solution is below. 

Step One: 
Install Google Drive on my PC. It isn't necessary for this to be Google Drive - other cloud storage apps such as Box, Skydrive and Dropbox also work. Set up the cloud storage applic…