Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Top poker sites to play Poker on Android

Below is a straight forward and easy to follow guide showing you just how easy it is to play poker on any Android device, just follow this guide and in no time you will be playing any of your favourite poker variants such as Texas Hold ‘Em poker in no time!
There are loads of apps that offer poker features on the Android platform, however, to ensure that you’re truly getting the best deal, only go with the top online casinos and those that are best known. If you’re struggling to choose, take a walk down your high street, and take a look at the bookies there. Quite often these businesses do have apps and separate arms to the business offering slots, bingo, blackjack, poker and even full blown casinos!  Have a look at the article written by Adrian Sterne from to look at the poker websites that have android apps.
Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you simply have to sign in or sign up if you are a new customer. The registration is quick and simple, and once you’ve deposited funds into your new account, you’ll be awarded with some optional bonuses which you can opt out of should you wish.
Now that you have funds in your account, you are all ready to go! So head on over to those tables and be prepared to raise, fold and check against your fellow players.
There is only one word of warning we can give about using your android device when out and about and playing poker,  sports betting online and that is ensure you have enough charge in your battery to ensure you can have a decent session, because if you enter a tournament and the battery goes flat, that’s it!
To ensure that you get the most out of your battery, clear the RAM and close any open apps before your launch your poker app, also, reduce the brightness of the screen and turn off unused features like Bluetooth, Infrared, wifi (if you’re not using it) and turn off the sound and vibration. These may only buy you an extra 15-20 minutes, but those extra minutes could be just enough for you to finish your game!
You can of course play for free on a lot of poker apps by simply playing as a guest, and this will allow you to evaluate how the app works and also become accustomed to how your device reacts to the software. When playing in free mode, you won’t be playing against other players, but against the app itself, and if you are a little rusty, or are still learning to play, it won’t be too embarrassing should you make a complete pig’s ear of your game!

When it comes to funding your account, make sure that the App uses encrypted connections and that the provider, for example Ladbrokes, BetFred, Paddy Power etc, hold a present and valid licence to provide a gambling interface.