Sunday, December 1, 2013

Children Cartoon TV Series

Today's app of the day is Children Cartoon TV Series.

Kid's these days have a practically limitless array of entertainment options at their disposal. Gone are the days when a TV was the only screen time a child was subject to - now kids of all ages can swipe their way around a smartphone as intuitively as their parents - if not better. In fact, the entire way that media is digested by children these days has undergone a revolution, with tablets and phones quickly becoming their entertainment medium of choice.

This is where apps such as Children Cartoon TV Series shine - putting over 11,000 cartoons only a few clicks away! This is perfect for keeping your child entertained when you might be out and about and not have a the luxury of a living room of toys. Simply load the app, pick a language, pick a show and you are good to go. Within seconds your full length episode will be playing!

The variety of the cartoons is impressive, with a selection of old classics and more contemporary videos. I particularly enjoyed watching the old superman cartoons - it surely brought back some memories of my own childhood! Other than the huge selection of cartoons, the app is designed well, with buffering quick and navigation simple.

All in all, this is a fantastic way to watch videos on your android smartphone or tablet. Children Cartoon TV Series - check it out now!

In the words of the developer:

More than 21,000 cartoon videos of the best cartoon shows in 10 languages
Children Cartoon TV Series App is the coolest free Android cartoon app ever created!
Children Cartoon TV Series is a safe, convenient app to watch cartoon movies on long car rides, waiting rooms etc. Keep the kids busy with funny cartoons :)
Enjoy Cartoon videos (Anime) on your android device using Children Cartoon TV Series app. Re-live a part of your childhood by watching your favorite cartoon shows.
Now you can watch your favorite Cartoon videos all the time! The cartoon episodes are full and as usual no one gets bored with the best cartoon shows ever.
Children Cartoon TV Series app has been designed to be easily used by children and watch their favorite cartoon episodes hassle free! Enjoy and let your kid enjoy their favorite cartoon episode of their favorite cartoon shows.
World Famous TV Cartoons for kids. Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Mr Bean, Ben10, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Woody Woodpecker, Pink Panther, Chip n Dale, Dora, Road Runner, Bugs Bunny Cartoons, Teenage mutant ninja (10 seasons),Batman,legend of tarzan,YGOTAS,Transformers,Spider-Man,Arthur,Scooby Doo ,Inuyasha,Naruto……. And much more of the best cartoon series ever.
DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this app is hosted by YouTube and is available in public domain. We do not upload any cartoon videos to YouTube. Children Cartoon TV Series app is just an organized way to browse and view these YouTube Videos to make it convenient for kids, to watch cartoon videos without browsing in YouTube. 
The use of the application may be subject to independent contractors stipulated by the user directly with the companies providing services.
The developers disclaim any responsibility from the violation of such contractual rules stipulated by the user that is the directly responsible.