Wednesday, December 4, 2013

VehiDroid - Vehicle Management

Today's app of the day is VehiDroid - Vehicle Management.

Do you run a business and need to keep track of important information for a number of vehicles? Alternatively, do you personally own a large number of vehicles? Or alternatively, are you just an individual who likes to ensure that their car is well maintained with comprehensive records? If any of the above sound familiar, then VehiDroid is a 'must have'application.

Once installed you will be able to use VehiDroid to manage and record all aspects of your fleet, including annual services, running services and regular services. Once you start inputting key information, the real practicality of VehiDroid will become apparent, with the capability of setting reminders for missed services, determining fuel consumption requirements, and the ability to create detailed reports.

Check out the screenshots below - once set up you can say goodbye to digging through volumes of files and paperwork to find simple information about a vehicle - it will all be at your fingertips. Other than sheer "usefulness", VehiDroid is expertly designed, with an intuitive and simple navigation system, excellent functionality in either portrait or landscape mode (so perfect for both tablets and phones), and is generally a pleasure to use.

Both businesses and individuals should forget about other vehicle management software and install VehiDroid. You will not regret it!

In the words of the developer:

Are you fed up with the existing Vehicle Management Apps in the Google Play?
So here comes the best Vehicle and Fleet management system. We have done a rigorous survey to identify the needs and requirements of the vehicle owners. Vehidroid is the best solution to store your all vehicle service details on your Android device. Vehidroid is a fully customizable system. Even you can change the currency type if you want.

Services of your vehicle are divided into 3 main types:
Annual Services
Running repairs
Regular Services
All of your services can be divided into these 3 types. So it will helpful you to manage your vehicle.
Some Features of Vehidroid….
Cost analysis with graphs
Reminding missed services
Detailed reports
Can manage multiple vehicles
User defined services
Fuel Consumption measurements

*It will take few seconds to load this for the first time. It is normal.