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FaceApp - despite the controversy there's a reason it is popular!

FaceApp is high in the ranks of then Google Play store at the moment, and despite the controversies of white-washing, there's a reason. In short, it's really fun, simple to use and an all round well-designed app that has some great filters and effects.
The purpose of the app is simple - simply load it up, take a photo, play with a few dials and then before you know it there's your desired outcome - whether it be a new gender, a younger self, an older self - etc. You name it - FaceApp can do it.
Check it out today, it's one of those apps well worth downloading and spending a few minutes with!

Total Backup

Today's app of the day is Total Backup.

One of the most frustrating experiences for a smart phone user is having a well organised contact list list fall into chaos and disrepair upon purchasing a new device or having to do a soft reset. Of course, smart phones these days sync contacts to the cloud, making restoring the contacts easy enough, but what is lost is the hard work that you put into arranging those contacts.

Whether it be call logs, contact groups or joined contacts, on setting up or restoring a new phone these are all lost - possibly forcing you to start from scratch! Well, that was until now. With Total Backup, developer Adrian-Costin Tundrea has created a simplistic and effortless way to protect your hard work and to keep your contacts backed up and protected.

This app could not be simpler. Upon loading you are presented with a simple screen where you can choose what to backup, whether it be your call logs, contact groups or contact joins. In the settings of the app, you …

Ondigo Mobile CRM

Today's app of the day is Ondigo Mobile CRM. 

There are quite a number of CRM applications available for Android devices from Google Play, but they do not hit that perfect level of features and simplicity as effectively as Ondigo Mobile CRM. More importantly, the developers have tried to make the app reflect their vision as much as possible - creating a CRM that is powerful as well as easy to work with. From my brief time using the app, it is quite apparent that they pulled it off. Ondigo Mobile CRM is easy to recommendation to anyone looking for a way to streamline their customer management. 

Check out the video above and the feature list in the video below - sure this may be a mobile application but no corners have been cut. This is absolutely a fully fledged CRM with capabilities equivalent to what you would find on many desktop systems. Best of all though, Ondigo is not only feature packed, but also many times easier to use - being beautifully designed and perfect for any small …

Turtle Pizza Jump (Free)

Today's app of the day is Turtle Pizza Jump (Free).
Now I have played plenty of strange and surreal games on my Android device, but Turtle Pizza Jump is my newest contender for the strangest game available on Google Play! Now that is saying a lot, particularly having regard to a store full of angry birds, crazy pigs, subway surfers, and many more strange and bizarre gaming combinations!
So how is Turtle Pizza Jump so bizarre? Well, catch this - it is about a turtle (think a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) who jumps from hovering pizza's to pizza, eating slices along the way, whilst in the background are some of the most bizarre images to ever surface from the dark depths of the web - such as cat's poking their heads through slices of pizza or super close ups of pugs eating pizza.
Bizzare? Absolutely. But is it any good to actually play? Surprisingly - the answer is yes! The gameplay sees you take control of your warrior turtle , jumping from rotating pizza slice to slice. As you…