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FaceApp - despite the controversy there's a reason it is popular!

FaceApp is high in the ranks of then Google Play store at the moment, and despite the controversies of white-washing, there's a reason. In short, it's really fun, simple to use and an all round well-designed app that has some great filters and effects.
The purpose of the app is simple - simply load it up, take a photo, play with a few dials and then before you know it there's your desired outcome - whether it be a new gender, a younger self, an older self - etc. You name it - FaceApp can do it.
Check it out today, it's one of those apps well worth downloading and spending a few minutes with!

File Expert with Clouds

Today's app of the day is File Expert with Clouds.

There are countless file managers available for android devices, all of which manage to do very similar things. Primarily, this means being able to browse the file structure on your device and move things around with some basic copy, cut and past functionality. For anyone who has tried to do this though, it quickly become obvious that the Android file structure is completely unintuitive. Things  simply end up looking like a complete mess with different apps storing similar file types in completely different locations. In short, there is a better way.
That better way of managing the files on your Android device is File Expert with Cloud. For starters, if you don't want to have to browse through the Android file structure, File Expert with Cloud will scan your drives and locate files of various types (images, videos, music) and then clump those files together in an easy to browse format. This ultimately means it does not matter ho…

Tiny Helicopter

Today's app of the day is Tiny Helicopter.

There are plenty of addictive games available for android devices, particularly since the rise and dramatic fall of Flappy Bird, with many developers creating chip rip-offs of the bird and pipe formula. The one thing that many of these games (including Flappy Bird), is that although they may be addictive they are not very much fun. In fact, they are not fun at all! 
Tiny Helicopter looks to break that mold, by taking the classic Flappy Bird formula but my actually making it an enjoyable gaming experience. Of course the game is still challenging and definitely gives players that 'just one more try' type of feel, but the difficulty is at the perfect level. Not too hard, not too easy - just right to keep you wanting to come back.
The concept is simple. You have to fly a helicopter through a series of caverns / cliffs. As you pass each one you get a point, with the goal being to break your your own top scores. The controls are also simpl…

Web PC Suite - File Tansfer

Today's app of the day is Web PC Suite - File Transfer.

One of the biggest hassles with loading your new android device with content is having to mess around with USB cables, drivers, complicated PC suites. If all you want to do is move a few songs, picture or videos around, there surely has to be an easier way! Luckily, there is, and that comes in the form of Web PC Suite - File Transfer, the best way to move files seamlessly between your computer and your android device without the need for a cable. It could not be easier!
The process of setting up Web PC Suite is amazingly simply. To start you install the app from the google play store (links at the bottom of the review), then you have three options to form a connection with your PC. You can enter a customised URL or head over to and scan a QR code. From there a connection is formed and you will be presented with a simple to use interface whereby you will have full access to all the files on your phone, allo…

I can Speak Thai Lite

Today's app of the day is I can Speak Thai Lite.

One of the best things about smart phones is that they make traveling easier than ever. Whether is is Google Maps, Yelp or Tripadvisor, there has never been an easier way to find great things to do. Now although knowing what to do and where you are has never been easier, actually getting around and buying things can be a bit more challenging - especially in countries where English is not a first language.

In the case of travelers to Thailand, look no further than 'I can Speak Thai Lite' - a great new android application by developer that tries to make learning an using the language as simple as possible. The application offers a unique way of learning to speak Thai, allowing the user to input keywords into a variety of headings (object, filter, property, amount), with the application using the inputs to bring up a list of possible phrases. With the click of a button the phrase will be translated into phonetic …

Hyper Cell

Today's app of the day is Hyper Cell.

There are lots of great platform games available for Android device, but many end up being the same tired clone of Temple Run that users have seen time and time again. Hyper Cell breaks this mold by providing a fresh new take on the run and jump genre - the result being highly styled, highly challenging game that is also just plain fun to play.

The set up is simple. You wake to find yourself in a futuristic maze of flashing lights, moving barriers, missiles and laser beams from which you must escape. The controls are simple (run and jump) but the difficulty comes from the great level design, requiring players to constantly be thinking quickly and making decisions as to timing, distance, height, etc. If a jump is timed poorly or you run a microsecond too late, it is not unusual to get smashed by a beam or fried by  a laser - causing the level to start again.

Each level has 3 starts to collect, and a half way check point so death doesn't always…

Does it Fly

Today's app of the day is Does it Fly.

I have played plenty of addicting games in my time, but Does it Fly may be one the most infuriatingly addictive specimens I have came across in quite some time. For that reason, it is well recommended!

The game play could not be simpler. A series of pictures and text will flash on the screen in quick succession and your challenge is to click inside the red circle if it flies, and outside of then red circle if it does not fly. That's it!There is no time for thinking though, because if you delay your game will end (unless you pay to continue using gems you earn or buy). From there it really becomes a challenge between you and your own high score - with me personally struggling to reach much over 10!

It really does have that same sort of feel that you got the first time you played flappy bord or timberman, in that it is just so easy to give it one more try! It also has the potential to drive you crazy - so be warned! There is also of course, Go…

Battery Saver+ WiFi Booster 3G

Today's app of the day is Battery Saver+ WiFi Booster 3G.

One of the problems with our smart-phones becoming smarter, is that the batteries they carry have not been able to keep up with the usage. Long gone are the days when a single charge will last multiple days - in fact most users are lucky if they can get through a full day without having to plug in to charge. In a similar manner, the data packages offered by most carriers just aren't sufficient, and it is all too easy to get hit by large unexpected bills if data usage creeps over set allowances.
To help with both these problems, developer S R Kapoor has created Battery Saver+ WiFi Booster 3 - an app custom made to boost your battery life and to save your data usage. It does this by presenting you with three simple buttons to press - and thats all. Users can select whether their device is connected to 3G/2G or to wifi - and from there Battery Saver+ WiFi Booster 3G does the rest! It saves your battery by only allowing data …

Hip Hop Air Horn

Today's app of the day is Hip Hop Air Horn.

There is a tendency for many app developers to over-complicate things. You can see they start with a simple idea but by the time the final build is compiled every feature including the kitchen sink has been bundled into the app, often resulting in confusing unusable messes!
This is not the case with the developer Kyle Riedemann, and his new app Hip Hop Air Horn. This picks one functionality, refines it and does it well. In short, Hip Hop Air Horn allows users to play the infamous air horn sound over the top of any other music playing on their device, or just out of the blue for the sake of it. As the developer has stated - it is the easiest way to add some swag to your Android experience!

Although the app is extremely simple, it also includes a great feature, being Android wear compatibility. By pressing a button on your paired Android wear device you can get the phone to blast the air-horn wherever it is located. For a new platform, this f…