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Netflix and Android - chromecast, downloading, profiles - close to perfection!

Netflix and Android have always had a great relationship, but over recent years the app has really gone from strength to strength. The interface is fantastic and the feature set continues to grow in meaningful ways, making it one of my must-have apps.
The first example that comes to mind is obviously Chromecast support. Now this isn’t a Netflix exclusive option, and it is supported well in many media apps, but Netflix and Chromecast work so seamlessly well together that I struggle to think about how I survived before the pairing existed!
Next is the newly integrated ‘Download’ option, which allows users to download content and watch it on the go without a data connection.  Honestly, Netflix kicked it out of the park with this one – it could not be easier to use, it includes all the right settings (save to SD, definition quality control, etc) – and best of all it is all within the existing price brackets. I almost feel they could have charged extra for this service alone – but am ext…

Clash of Kingdoms

Today's app of the day is Clash of Kingdoms.

Mobile platforms have for a long time been the realm of simple gaming - the type to hold you over for a few brief minutes on public transport or when waiting in line. Luckily, with mobile platforms evolving so quickly, mobile games are starting to obtain greater degrees of depth and complexity - without sacrificing innovative ideas and enjoyable game play.

Clash of Kingdoms is one such game - a great new strategy game for Android phones that has amazingly deep game play, some fantastic strategic elements, all the while, remaining great fun to play no matter where you are. At its surface, Clash of Kingdoms seems like a relatively straightforward turn based strategy game, though as you progress through the various stages and new units become available and enemies become tougher the strategic elements really comes alive. New units will increase your powers and tactics and upgrades will add to the capability of your army. It all ads for varied tactics with plenty of scope to try new things and win in a variety of ways.

In addition to great game play the game look great. The grid like landscape reminds you of classic PC games of years past and the animations as characters hack and slash each other are great. To go along with it are some great sounds and animations!

All in all, this is a great android game, well worth checking out. One of my new favorites!

In the words of the developer:

Clash of Kingdoms is a strategy game that takes context of middle age wars.

Build up your army by gaining troops, technology & magic through engaging campaign missions that feature fortress sieges, ambushes, stealth attacks and huge open-field clashes. Then the battles begin! Receive in-game rewards such as new units & technology each week based on your score in a kingdom.
Starting as the King of Carrone kingdom, you will build your own army through battles. Once you has conquered Carrone, you should be able to conquer other neighbor lands.
Your army power gets stronger through each battle, more units are added as a reward once you win the battle.
The units's power can be leverage to a higher level by using collectibles that you earn through battles.
- Build your own army
- Deploy units for the fight.
- Fight in many battles
- Unit upgradable
Unit and Weapon types:
- Sword
- Ranger
- Musketer
- Arrow
- Trebuchet
- Canon
- Pike
- Horsemen
- Castle

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Social Bookmarks: the easiest way to access all your social networks

Today's app of the day is Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks is a great way to easily access all of your favourite social network sites. If you are sick of having 10 - 15 different social apps installed on your phone, Social Bookmarks is the solution for you, allowing you to easily access the popular services from within a single app.
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