Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review: Beyond Pool 3D Hole in One

Today i'm reviewing Beyond Poll 3D Hole in One, an excellent and addictive Android game that will keep you coming back for more. With great gameplay, physics and graphics, this will keep you entertained for hours and coming back for more!


There are so many great games for Android phones these days, that making something that stands out is a daunting task. No longer is a catchy gameplay hook, or flashy graphics enough, as the competition is intense! Luckily, Beyond Pool 3D Hole in One covers all its bases, with a game that is not just fun to play, but is also stunning to look at, great to listen to, and a generally great all round package. It's kept me entertained for hours and I still have huge numbers of levels to work though!

The first thing to get out of the way is that this isn't your typical game of pool or billiards - this isn't the pool you play down at the local pub over a few pints. Instead, this is more akin to mini-golf, though with the objective being to get a hole in one every single time. The concept is very simple - take aim, pull back, and release and try to get the ball in the hole. If you want to go for a 'bonus' you can try and collect a star on the way, though it isn't necessary.

Now this may sound simple (and at first it is!), but as the levels progress the obstacles in your way get increasingly more complex to navigate. What starts out as a few bumpers or planks of wood turns into rocks, jumps, abstract shapes practical mazes to bounce around. If you had more than one shot up your sleeve it would of course be very easy, but that would be an entirely different game and that's not what the developers were after with Beyond Pool 3D! 

Instead, players are force to utilize trial and error to learn how a ball will react to a course and get the perfect combination of powers and angles to both collect the 'star'bonus points and land the ball in the hole. To assist, for a few seconds after every shot a feint line shows the course of then previous ball, allowing players to adjust their aim and power for a more successful outcome. Don't go thinking this game is a walk in the park though, as some of the levels are devilishly hard!

In addition to the addictive, 'just one more try' style of gameplay that is prevalent on good mobile games, Beyond Pool 3D looks amazing. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous and will really show off the power of your high end devices! Even more impressive is the dynamic camera, which tracks the ball from behind, taking the viewer along for the ride as shots progress. It's really impressive and a great way to get down and close to the action - though also making it easier to get a sense of scale which is useful for the more difficult courses that involve jumps and very fine angles.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the amount of content on offer here. There are a variety of 'themes' to the courses, ranging from simple planks as obstacles, to spheres, to ramps, to forest-like environments with uneven rocks and tree trunks. Within each themed category there are countless levels - more than I got even close to finishing! Trust me - if you want a game to keep you entertained for a long time, then this is it  - and to top it off, it is all for free!

In short, Beyond Poll 3D Hole in One is a truly great android games, getting a well deserved 9/10 on Droid App of the Day. Check it out!

In the words of the developer:

Welcome to the "Beyond Pool 3D" !
Aim and release the ball with skill and care to try for a "hole in one" in our pool, through the obstacle course.
Unlock next 3D pocket billiard levels and earn extra points by collecting bonus stars in our Beyond Pool Championship.
Best pool physics based, with realistic motion of the cue ball, each level is a successively harder puzzle to challenge your mind and dexterity, yet can be solved in many different ways. Are You ready for the new cue sport in 3D? Spin & pocket the cue ball, score the maximum break in our pool and reach beyond! Achieve the perfection, replay the levels and become the Pool Champion!
This game is dedicated to the memory of our beloved Christian Airaut.
Inspiration for the game was Christian's fascination and passion for billiard pool, especially the French version of biliard: carrom "Carambole Three Bands." Having won the French championship, and many more pool awards, he was a talented, warm, and extraordinary person -- His inspiration is ours-- To Reach Beyond Dreams.
- New 3D engine of the game pocket billiard, realistic cue ball motion.
- Added new Beyond Pool Levelpacks!
New 3d obstacles like spheres, stones, jumps and many more.
- Progress of the pocket pool game synchronized with cloud!
Sign In with Google+ and continue challenge on one other tablet or phone!
- Faster reloading of pocket billiard!
No more waiting for the cue ball to stop.. just touch the flashing ball and continue playing billiard.
We are working on many more improvements for Beyond Pool 3D:
Store, Profile and Challenge Mode -- coming soon -- Follow us on Facebook Google+ and Twitter !
Beyond Pool 3D is the world's best pocket pool variation for billiard, snooker and 8 ball pool fans.